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Baydaa Layla

Private Chef

My name is Baydaa. I am a private health coach and cook. I am so creative and specialised at cooking delicious, simple and healthy mediterranean dishes. If you want to enjoy all your favourite dishes and still stay healthy and motivated, I am the right chef for you.<br><br>&nbsp;I am supportive, patient and kind. I have a 10 years experience cooking for different people in different parts of the world;&nbsp;Kuwait, Dubai and Germany. I like to tailer menus that are special for each individual in a way that they enjoy their food and stay healthy.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><br>I am a graduate of the Leadership Program at Kushi Institute, a pioneer institute in plant based cuisine and lifestyle. I have found Eatgreen Kitchen in Kuwait City and have offered numerous cooking classes for families there.&nbsp;I am also a certified Health Coach from the Integrative Nutrition Institute in NYC.&nbsp;<br><br>My health journey started when i was 20 years old as a volunteer at my local organic farmers market. I am glad i have changed my lifestyle and eating habits as it really saved my life. I am very passionate about the environment and love nature.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>If you want some support in order for you to take on your new journey to eat better and healthier, I am just one click away! :)&nbsp;<br><br>I am looking forward to meeting you!&nbsp;<br><br>Baydaa :)&nbsp;&nbsp;

Mahesh Wijesekara

Presenter business promoter