Suzannah Gerber, Executive Chef, Author, Medical Researcher

Suzannah Gerber

Executive Chef, Author, Medical Researcher

„Food is medicine, Nature is a gourmet. “

Обо мне

Multi-industry executive with creative + management expertise and proven success with implementation. I use evidence-based methods that synergize food trends, medical literature, and consumer metrics for the food and medical industries. I combine practical business applications with behavioral theory and compelling visual didactics fusing my academic and professional backgrounds with compelling results. 

Utilizing consumer data and advertising metrics as a framework, I employ food trends and medical research for public health and commercial applications. Every sector can benefit from incorporating these concepts that fuse education, the arts, food service and production, finance and medicine. Health and wellness contribute to overall engagement and success for all ages. 
Companies and Projects I have worked for have seen:
- Reduced COGS by 17-22% and Increased revenue by 11-15%
-Increased Media, traffic, and visibility up to 800%
-Customer and Employee retention and satisfaction up 50% above baseline
-Grants and funding awarded 
-Pilot studies launched
-Products developed and launched into major retailers and international markets.

Veganism is a central unifying philosophy for me, as I can demonstrate, from an evidence-based perspective, that it meets the multi-fold needs of healthful nutrition, food security, environmentalism, inspirational and creative applications, and more. Weaving together my background and interest in community health applications for food and medicine, I work within a range of industries: non-profit arts and educational institutions, PR/event management and marketing, culinary prep, and recipe and menu development, and medical research-- each one of these providing a new method of combining these skills and interests for specialized results within a given project. I am most at home in inter-disciplinary environments that incorporate a need for unique blends of these skills, and I prefer to do so within a larger cultural context.

Моя специализация

Allergen friendly food, recipe and product development, sourcing and formulation

Актуальная информация

My book: Plant-Based Gourmet, has topped the charts avaioable now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, Costco, Target and more!



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Organic gardening, yoga, fiber arts



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