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Lorenzo Mario Valtorta

Chef de Partie

<span>Chef de Partie con una gran habilidad para gestionar trabajos de alto volumen y que requieran un ritmo rápido. Responsable, organizado, con gran capacidad para trabajar en equipo y siempre atento a las peticiones de mis supervisores y clientes.<br><br>Mi objetivo es seguir adquiriendo experiencias de alto nivel internacionalmente que me permitan profundizar y adquirir distintas y novedosas técnicas culinarias. Experiencias, que me ayuden a crecer profesionalmente y me permitan seguir desarrollando mis capacidades y habilidades</span>&nbsp;

Trevor Portelli

Executive Chef

Accomplished chef with 15+ years of experience preparing mouth-watering dishes for top-rated restaurants. Expertise in conceptualising, developing, and implementing innovative menus to optimise guest satisfaction and retention while leading staff training initiatives and ensuring inventory and cost containment. Excel at overseeing daily kitchen operations with responsibility for maintaining inventories, assess quality of products and select suppliers, purchasing foods, ensuring full adherence to food hygiene regulations, and assigning schedules and tasks. Responsible for preparation of annual business forecasts and budgets, on-going monitoring of actual operating results vs budgets and strive to at least meet the KPIs set at the beginning of the year. Ability to distil processes, enhance internal structures, and promote multi-skilled team competencies via inspirational leadership.&nbsp;


Executive chef

<div> <span> <span><span> <span> Talented, highly accomplished chef with 20 years of experience designing menus, creating new recipes, and overseeing operations of large kitchens. Committed to providing the highest quality experience to all guests, including tourists, local residents, and VIPs such as royalty, heads of government, ambassadors, and celebrities.&nbsp; Adept at designing and equipping new kitchens for restaurants, hotels, and other venues, effectively controlling costs while procuring superior equipment and tools. </span> </span> </span></span> </div>

Rodion Nefedov

Executive chef

I am a chef by trade and by vocation and I ‘have worked in various restaurants & Hotels, including specialized structures of banquets and large catering functions. I really enjoy this special atmosphere when it comes to Culinary Art. The pleasure to discover new tastes and to create new receipes are a real passion.

Amit Kumar arya

Executive pastry chef