Rechercher des cuisiniers

Günter Rönner


Versuche immer authentisch zu sein

Enrico Hirschfeld


geb. am 9. Januar 1987 in Leipzig

Juan Ranas


Nos enorgullece afirmar que los productos JuanRanas están a la vanguardia del sabor sin necesitar ningún tipo de aditivo, químico o conservante.

JR Yoong


Grew up helping in cooking for family. Gained passion and inspired by cooking competitions like iron chef. When to culinary school to persue passion. Came out and move up the ladder overtime, found out that leadership is another interest.

James Versfelt

Hotel Executive Chef; Shelborne Hotel South Beach

restless affineur and gastronome

Maxence Moufflet


je suis quelqu'un qui a pour seul limite la connaissance et qui à la volonté de perfectionner les techniques.

Brian Munatones


Classically trained in California. After working at a number of Restaurants and Hotels in the U.S., England and Germany, I am gathering experience in larger facility kitchens to serve healthy, innovative and exciting dishes within the parameters of dietary needs and appropriate price points.

Васильев Иван


Су-шеф итальянского ресторана , расположенного на центральной улице города " золотого кольца" ведущий детских мастер-классов участник ТВ- шоу, кулинарных конкурсов и защитил оценку торгово-промышленной палатой.

Iván Durán Miguel


Empecé a trabajar como cocinero por casualidad, entonces fue cuando descubrí en la cocina mi pasión. He tenido mi propio restaurante italiano en Vietnam y trabajado en varios restaurantes gastronómicos de cierto nivel. He cursado dos certificados de cocina española en la escuela de alta gastronomía Le Cordon Bleu Madrid. Me siento muy a gusto realizando cocina española, italiana y mediterránea, aunque también me gusta hacer cierta fusión con la cocina asiática.

narendra kumar agnihotri

Chef de party

WORKING in hotel Royal Orchid kanpur india as a Demi chef de party 12 years EX in hotel and cruise line .

Luis Ushiña

Administración Hotelera

Andreas Leisinger

Kuechen Chef / Head Chef

Hard Working , passionate and very driven Head Chef 2 AA Rosettes

Romain Cadet

Chef exécutif

Chef de cuisine passionnée

Knud Erik Larsen

I am self employed KM Scandinavia, I have been a waiter, cook, Chef for more than 45 year. My interest in cooking started when I was very young, my grandmother made all the food from the bottom, and my grandfather was a butcher, when I was 17 I left school, I wanted to be a cook but at that point it was impossible to get a place so I start train as a waiter that education took 3,4 years, after that I work as a waiter and restaurant manager for 3 years. My former director cal me and tell me they now have a place for me as a cook trainee I quit my job, and started as a trainee cook that take me 4,5 years. When I finish I go 3 month as a trainee in Lyon France I worked as a volunteer at Poul Bocuse restaurant, Back in Denmark I worked at various hotel and restaurants as cook and sous chef, and then I was employed as a Chef teacher in the same school l I took my exam. After 5 years teaching I stop and moved to Oslo Norway, where I was a product develop manager / chef for about 35 restaurants and restaurants on long distance trains, after 3 year I at Gastronomik Institut in Stavanger Norway where I worked as a Chef / product develop manager for 3 years also, this work was mainly course / training of Chefs and product development for Food companies, hotels and restaurants.Gastronomik Institut change owners and I moved to Bergen Norway and started my present companie KM scandinavia, after 2 more years I move back to Denmark, I am working as a Consultant, develop new menus, training staffs, lectures and speaks at congress and food fairs, for several of years I have worked as a coach and manager for the Cuban national team FARCH, and Bolivias Association Culinarias Artista Junior Bolivia. Most of my work is in Latin, south, and north America, but also Asia and offcause Europe. I you like to hear more dont hisitate to contact me on mail or by phone.

Warwick Thomas

Executive Chef

I would describe myself as an energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated and optimistic person who enjoys accomplishing goals with, and bringing out the best in people to reach their potential. My outgoing personality and communication skills enable me to motivate and encourage others and push for a learning culture. I am imaginative and highly conceptual, enjoy complexity and act with confidence when implementing new solutions. I enjoy fast paced, challenging projects and the thrill of achieving results.

Ibrahim Abdul Latif

Ibo Chefkoch der Patissier

90er Baujahr, Libanese, 168cm Groß mit einem RIESEN Herz für die Gastronomie.

Tomáš Hrdý


Member of the Junior and Senior Team, Association of Chefs and Confectioners of the Czech Republic, Branch of Northern Moravia and Silesia

Michael Pimperl

Executive Chef & Hospitality Development Senior Officer

I am Half Austrian and half Italian national originated in the town of Sicily Where I grew up the first early years. I moved later to Austria where I continued my Studies further and pursued my early career development there at some of Vienna most prestigious Hotels “Tourotel”. My father Is Mr. Fritz the renowned football trainer. I traveled a lot around the world seeking more knowledge and Experience which led me to work at some of the world prestigious locations and establishments such as “Mark warren at the Gilbert Scott- U.K, Adams Michelin star- UK, Giovanni Rana Italian restaurants and pasta manufacturers –…. And many more” I also won a gold competition awards in Greece golden olive tree awards for best Mediterranean food. Later on I created a company which was called “PHD – professional hospitality Development”, Later on I traveled to the gulf area where I had plenty of contracts to resolve and many challenging concepts to work with and achieve, and I did good building my reputation as one of who knows how to solve company's problems and achieve their success rate. Traveled to England and studied further at one of London’s prestigious culinary institutes and achieved the grand chef diploma in advanced culinary management and food science as well as a licensed tutor for professional culinary development from the “Chef Academy of London” Today I stand further seeking the place where I can settle down and achieve more strong results with long term working relationship and help build a legacy that would stand time

Florian Rische

Gastkoch, Messekoch

Nicat Babayev

Executive sous chef

Nicat Babayev

Enrico Amatucci


ho una grande passione per la cucina... da quando ero bambino... e questa passione cresce ogni giorno di più...

Alejandro Angulo Bastidas

Chef master cuisine

Soy un chef con un master en alta cocina me especializo en ello me gusta la innovación conocer todos los días algo nuevo y sobre todo explorar el mundo a travez de mis objetibos fijados.

Brendan Otero Speight

Personal chef

Soy un aficionado a viajar y conocer culturas y su gastronomía. Llevo en el mundo de la gastronomía desde los 18 años habiendo trabajado en parte de los mejores restaurantes de España, para deportistas de alto rendimiento, celebridades y he vivido cinco años en México.

Maxim Lapa

Блогер, преподаватель

12 000 дней или около того, я получал ежедневный опыт на кухне. За это время мне удалось почистить 1000 тонн овощей, нарезать Эверест на кубики, сварить Байкал чая и накормить всю Москву вместе с гостями. Готовить получалось в разных условиях: на костре, в печах, на поезде, в столовой, в полевой кухне, в кафе, в ресторане. В процессе я нашёл всю кулинарную книгу там, где она начинает расти, кое что вырастил сам и затем приготовил. За это время я поучаствовал в открытии или реконструкции 500 кухон, хозблоков, складов, очагов.

Christian Cárdello


La cocina es mi pasión y me gusta conocer la gastronomía de diferentes Culturas. saber de gastronomía es conocer la cultura, hábitos, historia y tradiciones de un país.

Олег Коробань

Повар русской кухни

Представитель сибирской гильдии шеф поваров в г.Москва и г.Ростов на Дону. опыт работы 12лет .участник интернет проэктов и кулинарных конкурсов регионального масштаба .популизатор донской русской кухни на постсоветском пространстве .основное направление: мангал вертел гриль . кулинарный редактор молодежного журнала "таёжная -озерная". веду блог в белорусском журнале "наша кухня" размещен на канале youtube рубрика. -как приготовить- Стажировался у Рустама Тангирова г.Санкт-Петербург _копченыйTRbar .знаком с европейской,турецкой,донской кухней . работа на шведском столе в холодном и горячем цехах.прошел курс обучения работы Русской печи в г.Казань 2017г.


Chef de Cuisine

Jeune passionné par le monde culinaire. Après avoir fait mes études dans le design graphique, je me suis penché sur ma première passion gustative. Une reconversion professionnelle. À 21 ans, j'ai fait mon apprentissage dans un hôtel 4 étoiles puis enchaîné dans des restaurants gastronomiques étoilés. Toutes types de cuisine (gastronomique, semi-gastro, bistronomique, bistro, brasserie de luxe, brasserie, traditionnelle). Ne travaillant qu'avec des produits frais et de saison.

Samuel Mervyn Rainey

Chef a Domiclio

Sono esperto nel confezionare su misura il pranzo o la cena per qualunque festa privata o evento, incluso matrimoni, battesimi e cresime in modo da esaudire esigenze e gusti di ogni tipo di clientela

Артур Смирнов

кулинария творческая профессия

Всем привет я Арт живу и родился в городе Сочи моя профессия повар я люблю готовить и творить на кухне, но не люблю мыть посуду вот так и живем!!!! :)

Manfred Zilles


Ich bin Kreativ anders, Selbstbewusst, Witzig und ich scheue mich nicht davor neue Geschmacksrichtungen zu probieren und zu kombinieren

Mariusz Putek

Sous chef

Pozytywny zawsze chętny do współpracy i nauki. Długo uczyłem sie kuchni molekularnej kturą wplatam do swich dań na swej drodze kulinarnej spotkałem wiele ciekawych osobistości w ty samego chef Jean Bos kturego byłem zastępca przez 1,5 roku udało mi się ruwnież z przyjacielem otworzyć restauracje w tajland

Lloyd Roberts

Executive Chef

I’m a country boy, I grew up on a farm in Saint Mary Jamaica with my mother, father. In 1985, my parents when to America in search of a better life for our family. My grandmother taught me to eat and cook. It was there I fell in love with food—fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and all the different spices from my country. I love the warmth of our local Jamaican flavours that are in the street from all the different food vendors. Since my departure from Jamaica, I’ve lived, trained, and cooked all over New York City. I have live in New York City for over 18 years before I started to travel and work. I have work in some of the best restaurants in NYC, and learned so much from some superstar chefs and Restaurateur. Chef Nobu gave me the greatest opportunity to open two location of Nobu restaurant, Moscow, Budapest, because of this opportunity; I have worked in London, Moscow, and Budapest, Ukraine and Dubai Wherever I go, I always want to cook both globally and locally. My background in cooking started off with French and Asian cuisines. I started my career as a waiter then when to culinary school to study the art of cooking. My first trip into the real world of cooking was working for Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. That’s where my love for fusion cooking started, working for Chef Jean-Georges remains one of my most influential culinary experiences, and I’ve since adopted is cooking style and bold flavours to my cooking repertoire. Everything I cook has to have a flavour inside of it.

Marcos O. Scorza

Executive Chef

I have experience in wide range of kitchens like high quality restaurants, hotels, places with big volumes, catering etc. Every kitchen requires some specific skills in organization and I learned to be effective and proactive in all of them. Inside the kitchen I always require structure, hygiene, effectiveness and creativity. Personal contact and attention to the client is a key outside the kitchen. I focus on the new nordic cuisine in all the places I have been working. But I try to use local ingredients for the menu at the same time.


Executive Chef

Am young Chef from Nigeria, with 15 years experience Both Local and International in the Culinary industry.who understand what the acronyms F.O.O.D means

Arrius Simone

Chef di cucina

Sono un ragazzo semplice mi piace la cucina e mi diverto e la cosa che mi da piu soddisfazione e quando i clienti sono contenti

Vuk Simic

Chef in Oslo , Norway

Professional Chef who is available to show his experience everywhere around the world !! :)

Nancy Hamel

1er chef de partie

Dynamique, souriante, pédagogue et amoureuse de son métier.

Thomas Paul

Certified Culinary Instructor

Sharing my experiences with other and help each other to grow. I'm a certified culinary instructor and share my knowledge in school and online. Learn all the fundamentals in culinary knife skills. Join me at Skillshare and get 2 month free.

Sergio Radeglia


Nato a Torre Santa Susanna (BR) nel '91. Esperienza in diverse città italiane, dalla gavetta a ruoli che comprendevano una maggiore abilità di gestione e responsabilità. 7 anni maturati nella ristorazione, gestione food cost, inventario, selezione personale, impostazione menù nel rispetto della stagionalità dei prodotti, studio approfondito sulle nuove tecniche di cotture (in particolare basse temperature), studio sui sapori e proprietà organolettiche, creazione di piatti all'avanguardia che consentano di soddisfare le moderne richieste.

Uwe Steiniger


Die Bewahrung der Ess- und Trinkkultur ist dabei mein Leitmotiv, darüber hinaus Qualitäts- und somit Ernährungsbewusstsein. Geschmackserziehung, Austausch-, Vernetzungs- sowie Integrationsmöglichkeiten liegen mir ebenfalls sehr am Herzen.

Maximilian Lorenz


geb. am 8. Februar 1991 in Bergisch Gladbach

Homar Coronado


Tengo mi locura, vivo en otra dimensión. Ⓘ Ⓕ

Dirk Törmer

Koch aus Leidenschaft

Ich wurde 1972 in Alzey geboren. Meine Ausbildung zum Koch absolvierte ich mit 17 Jahren von 1998-1992 in einem damals bekannten Hotel in Alzey dem -Alzeyer Hof -. Danach begann ich meinen 15 Monatigen Zivildienst zu leisten. Nach dieser Zeit, absolvierte ich meine Wanderjahre und arbeitete als Commis (Geselle) in verschiedenen Gastronomischen Unternhemen mit unterschiedlichen Konzepten. Hier besetzte ich die Posten des Sous Chef (Stellvertretender Küchenchef), des Chef de Cuisine (Küchenchef), Chef de Partie (Abteilungsleiter). In dieser Zeit Sammelte ich meine Erfahrungen in verschiedenen Bereichen der Küchenarbeit und Küchenablauf. Dienstplan Erstellung, Einhaltung der HACCP Richtlinien, Bestellwesen, Controlling, Führung von Küchenpersonal, Menü und Büffet Erstellungen sowie mitausbildung von Azubis. Seit 2014 arbeite als Küchenchef in einer kleinen Weinstube. Alle Infos über mich auf

Andrey Kravchenko


I burn in Ukraine. Me and my family immigrated to Israel where i studded in culinary school for four years and work in restaurants for ten years. I worked in different kinds of restaurant as a cook line and as a sous-chef. Restaurants like, meat, Asian, garment (fine-dining), Italian and practice in amazonian style restaurant in south-America and more. Participate in San Pellegrino competition "Young Chef" twice (2015,2017). I travel south America and Italy for eight months to understand the local ingredients and different techniques. Studied in Italy Charcuterie making and Gilato making. Can send a CV by mail.

Anirban Das

Demi chef de partie, Garde Manger

I am a passionate chef, who is willing to learn, believe in team work, and love to handle pressure. New techniques and methods excite me and force to apply in my daily tusks.