17 août 2018

My journey from a chef to a photographer.

Jai Arumugam

I am Jai Arumugam and this is my journey from a chef to a photographer.


Food to me, more than a flavor, colors and shapes it is a tradition, culture and an emotion, which connects people. It all began in 2003, where I graduated from my hotel school and trained by several chefs and hoteliers before I took my camera.

Being a chef myself, I get that… that the essence of your signature dish began long before it is presented it on the table. You carefully chose each ingredient for a specific aroma, a unique seasoning, and a vibrant color. The flavor of your creation is filled with your love of food the mixing and blending is an art designed to create an emotional connection through food.

That being said, as your photographer, will be delighted in being an integral part of your journey, more importantly telling the story behind your unique creation.

Food is a demonstration of emotions and I am passionate about translating those emotions into an experience. Pairing my artwork with your creations is an integral part of creating a dining experience that began long before the first bite is taken.www.culinarystories365.com