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Barcelona Pearls

THE IDEA Through the ages the wise and diverse nature has allowed certain species to last and proliferate through a perfect miracle, the egg. The cosmopolitan businesswoman Marly Kanacher, felt great sympathy and curiosity for one of the species in particular, the snail, whose reproduction is one of the most interesting in nature. Which led her to study snails and their reproduction in captivity, eventually turning snail eggs into a unique product that stimulates culinary creativity, surprises palates and arouses the five senses. THE CAVIAR Obtaining the delicate eggs is not a simple task since only the snails decide when they will deposit the eggs. For this to happen, we pamper our animals, as each of the snails is unique to us. Our caviar's elaboration is delicate and needs a manual and unitary selection. To delight our select tasters with 50g of caviar, we need about 1500 perfectly round eggs, about 4mm, of white color and whose texture allows each to burst in the mouth, giving way to mild flavours that remind us of forests and fields. THE PRODUCTS Marly's passion and dedication, along with that of her gastronomic advisor Kim Casado, was transformed into a daringness that led them to develop the classic product for professionals and, in addition, other flavours that stimulate those who love to cook, to create new dishes with our caviar combining flavours and textures that delight everyone who tastes it. BENEFITS In addition to the pleasure that our product causes visually and on the palate, it has a valuable health contribution, since it is a food rich in proteins, vitamins A, B3, B12, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and also low in fat. The combination of these elements help the proper functioning of the different organs, circulatory and osseous systems of our body. Because of their contribution in amino acids, they protect the cells from free radicals with their powerful antioxidants.

Vilafranca del Penedès, Spanien


SPANISH BLACK GARLIC / AJO NEGRO: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The black garlic has Mouse Hill it is a garlic transformed that is made from fresh garlic. After a prolonged treatment based on heat and humidity in the chambers of fermentation we obtain black garlic that presents a sweet and pleasent taste to the palate, gummy texture and balsamic nuances and licorice. The black garlic of Mouse Hill increases all the healthy properties of fresh garlic and since during the fermentation process produces a remarkable transformation of the elements sulphurous organ of wich the fresh garlic is produced, after fermentation, large concentration of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements that increase their nutraceutical power. Like fresh garlic, black garlic is presented as a culinary ingredient framed within the gourmet category and also as a natural remedy to try to achieve physical and emotional well-being. PRODUCTIVE PROCESS: The process of making black garlic is done keeping fresh garlic (in the bulb or peeled) under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity for a long period of time. Fresh garlic ripen slowly in exclusive designed cameras from the tecnical area of Mouse Hill to become a new exclusive product that awakens in the senses amazing sensations caused by the so-called fi fth taste called umami, mixture of intensity and sweet taste accompanied by liquorice nuances wich are due to the presence in the black garlic of glutamic acid known as “the brain food” since it increases the mental capacity and serves as a wild card for the exchange of energy between tissues.

Villarrobledo, España

Sugar Flower Studio

Defining Botanically Correct Botanically correct means just that to us... A perfect cast of both the front and back of real botanical plant parts, using the highest food grade platinum base silicone. When we decide on a new species of plant to replicate as a 2-part mould, it needs to pass a rigorous grading process first. We choose each petal, leaf, bud, flower centre, fruit, nut, bark or shell with the utmost care and specification. Qualities we look for in each specimen are the contours, shape, vein structure and size gradients. A question we ask ourselves before we begin; "Is this specimen perfect in every way to go through the lengthy process of replicating it in silicone?" Botanically correct moulds and veiners give you the precise space in-between for your chosen medium, whether that be gum/flower paste, cold porcelain, modelling clay/chocolate, marzipan, wafer paper etc... Both the Sugar Flower Studio range by Robert Haynes and Simply Nature Botanically Correct Products range (which can be found at are made using exactly the same procedures and highest food grade platinum-based silicone. When Robert teaches a sugar flower masterclass, he uses either brand of silicone veiners or cutters as he knows they will give him the best botanically correct results. There are different specie types, no two veiners are the same in either range. We are immensely proud of the precision, quality, and finish of the Sugar Flower Studio range By Robert Haynes and Simply Nature Botanically Correct Products range. In our opinion, these botanically correct products are undeniably the best on the market. Botanically Correct Cutters The botanically correct cutter range from Sugar Flower Studio and Simply Nature Botanically Correct Products (which can be found at are designed to perfectly reproduce a cut out shape using your chosen medium whether that be gum/flower paste, cold porcelain, modelling clay/chocolate, marzipan, wafer paper etc... Each cutter has been designed to fit within the perimeters of its corresponding silicone veiner providing a time saving, precise, defined, to scale shape with ease. All cutters are meticulously made by hand using specialized tools. There are two different styles of cutter, the premium stainless steel and the rolled edge metal cutter. Some cutters have been made using both types of metal providing you with a varied price comparison. To develop these beautifully handmade, botanically accurate cutters, takes time and an immense amount of craftsmanship and skill. We wanted to provide you with the highest quality range of cutters which equally compliments the stunning range of botanically correct silicone veiners.



Ankerkraut – Hochwertige Gewürze direkt aus dem Hamburger Hafen Was braucht tolles Essen? Frische Gewürze! Die bekommt man seit Februar 2013 bei Ankerkraut, der Gewürzmanufaktur im Hamburger Hafen. Ankerkraut bietet handgemachten Genuss ohne Zusatzstoffe, frischer und besser als jede Supermarktware: Von wichtigen Basics wie Oregano, Paprika oder Curry über spezielle Salze aus Australien oder Hawaii und Pfeffer-Kompositionen aus verschiedenen Körnern – bis hin zu hausgemachten Mischungen und Rubs für ein perfektes BBQ-Erlebnis. Aromatisches aus aller Welt: Frische Gewürze direkt aus dem Hamburger Hafen Passionierte Hobbyköche, Kochprofis und Feinschmecker wissen um die Wichtigkeit frischer, aromatischer Gewürze für ein gelungenes Gericht. Die Geschmacksmanufaktur ANKERKRAUT bietet seit 2013 feinen Geschmack bei allerbester Qualität. Klassiker wie Oregano, Paprika und Curry, aber auch spezielle Salze aus Australien oder Hawaii und einzigartige Pfefferkombinationen finden über ANKERKRAUT den Weg aus den Kontoren des Hamburger Hafens in die Töpfe derer, für die Kochen Leidenschaft ist. Alle Produkte, die unter dem Namen ANKERKRAUT in den Handel und von dort in die Küchen kommen, sind ohne den Einsatz von Konservierungsstoffen und Geschmacksverstärkern entstanden. Sie wurden per Hand mit viel Liebe und Sachverstand geschält, gemahlen und sortiert. So verlassen nur Gewürze und Gewürzmischungen das Haus, die die hohen Qualitätsansprüche von ANKERKRAUT erfüllen.

Jesteburg, Deutschland


Dedes Türkische Spezialitäten

Wir produzieren in unserem Betrieb Türkische Spezialitäten in höchster Qualität. Wir beliefern Privatkunden sowie auch Großabnehmer. Für alle etwas dabei: Mit Rinderhackfleisch Vegetarisch Vegan Türkische Spezialitäten vegan Unsere Produkte kommen fertig gebacken und geschnitten. Deshalb sind sie so beliebt bei unseren Kunden, da für das Servieren fast keine Vorkenntnisse nötig sind. Die Produkte können einfach in die Vitrine gelegt und verkauft werden. Unser Fokus liegt in der Herstellung von kulinarischen Spezialitäten für Wiederverkäufer Großabnehmer Großhändler Privatkunden Wir beliefern Sie mit Spitzenprodukten nach Hausrezeptur – gerne auch nach Ihren Wünschen! Auszug aus unsere Produktpalette: Kol Börek Kol Börek ist gefüllter Blätterteig. Wir bieten Kol Börek mit verschiedenen Füllungen an. Insgesamt sind 6 verschiedene Varianten erhältlich: 1 Variante mit Fleisch, 3 Varianten sind vegetarisch und für Veganer sind 2 Varianten erhältlich. Su Börek / Däschle Täglich frische Zutaten und beste Qualität durch hauseigener Rezeptur. Aus mehreren Schichten Nudelteig stellen wir sowohl nach Ihrem Wunsch, als auch nach unserem Angebot Su Börek / Däschle her. Söbiyet Söbiyet ist eine Spezielle art von Baklava. Optisch ist der unterschied in der Form erkennbar, Söbiyet ist im gegensatz zu Baklava dreieckig. Durch die Griesfüllung ist unser Produkt nicht so extrem süß. Die Pistazien sind nicht nur lecker, sie sind auch optisch ein Genuss. Das natürliche Vanillearoma gibt unserem Söbiyet den zusätzlichen Kick.

Schorndorf, Deutschland



BODEGAS TORRES FILOSO. • All the wines we make come from our own vineyards. This allows us to know the evolution of the grapes, until we reach the optimum moment of maturation. • In our winery an exhaustive selection of the grape is made, choosing those of higher quality at its optimum point of maturity. We almost don’t filter the wine so it does not lose properties, instead everything is made with cold and a lot of cleanliness. • The grapes come from vineyards in a very particular place, because the soil is not very rich and produce little grapes, which leads an exceptional quality. • From our work come the different wines and brands we have, with some idea of how tasting is, even if it is practically impossible to define a wine with words only. * JUAN JOSÉ (RED WINE): Intense and vivid colour, no browns or oranges. Red and blue. Nose powerful, with red fruits, licorice, milk, vanilla. Secondary fragances to oak wood and also still of fruits, rich in cherry and red fruits. * AD PATER (RED WINE): Very dark cherry color with violet trim. Fragrances of black and candied fruits such as blackberries, currants, spicy touches such as nutmeg, licorice, chocolate, and also toasted coffee. It has a great body and density but at the same time velvety with soft and elegant tannins. The aftertaste is long and persistent, leaving us a pleasant sensation in the mouth, whichinvites us to continue drinking. * ÁRBOLES DE CASTILLEJO (RED WINE): Intense ruby-violet color. Very light filtration, therefore sufficient brightness, without depleting the qualities of such a full wine. It has primary fragances of red fruits like strawberries, and minerals. Powerful in the mouth without asperities. * ÁRBOLES DE CASTILLEJO (WHITE WINE): Very pale and bright color. It has floral fragances of the Moscatel but not in excess for its early harvest. In the mouth the Moscatel gives it body and the Sauvignon Blanc brings freshness, is aromatic and light, is balanced. It is not sweet, it is dry and with good acidity. As it does not have additives it has to be kept cold so that it does not oxidize.

Villarrobledo, España



QUESOS SERRANO FLORES. * MANCHEGO SHEEP CHEESE - OWN LIVESTOCK WITH MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. • Artisan cheese made with raw manchego sheep milk, wide range in different cures and specialities. • All the cheeses are elaborated in a traditional way, with the care and mime of yesteryear, passing the most demanding sanitary controls during all phases. This confers a differentiating character given that all sheeps milk comes from the same livestock, ours. • The sheep from la mancha has caracteristics that together with those of the land and weather conditions produce milk of indisputable quality that turn into excellent artisan cheese that combines tradition with technology, in order to get that unique blend resulting in the highest quality. * SEMI-CURED CHEESE: Light ivory color, made with raw milk. Very creamy texture to the palate and a balanced flavor, soft and at the same time persistent aftertaste and that acquires depth when melting in the mouth. Ideal for a daily consumption. * CURED CHEESE: It has a dark ivory color with a firm texture, the crust is natural without any coloring, with natural stains from the molds themselfs. It has an intense flavor with mild acid nuances and more evolved leaving a persistence in the mouth and a strong aftertaste with spicy notes. * TENDER SAFFRON: White color cheese crust. Firm paste with small eyes and irregularly distributed. Light cheese with nice balanced flavor and at the same time powerful on the palate with certain salty nuances. * SEMI AND CURED CHEESE WITH SAFFRON: Seasoned with saffron, this cheese leaves some very peculiar reddish touches and a subtle flavor of saffron that is discovered after a few seconds in the mouth , giving a romantic and elegant touch. A coveted spice with a unique flavor, that makes it one of the most luxurious in the world. Saffron has a floral flavor reminiscent of honey, it is slightly bitter and gets a bright color and a perfect yellow. * TENDER AND SEMI-CURED CHEESE WITH ROSEMARY: White bark with bits of rosemary leaves. Firm paste with small eyes and irregularly distributed. Cheese with a light fresh flavor, balanced pleasant and at the same time powerful on the palate with certain salty nuances. Especially used in canapes, salads and in the kitchen in your stews. * SEMI CHEESE AND CURED IN IBERIAN LARD: Artisan cheese in iberian lard, it is a cheese full of intense flavor, with an outer layer of iberian lard, what makes this special feature a special cheese texture in addition to providing an exquisite acid and soft taste different from others.

Villarrobledo, España