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We are watercress growers and watercress has been grown on our Dorset and Hampshire farms since the 1850s.

It was watercress that led us to wasabi. A chef visiting one of our watercress farm in May 2010 remarked how the only other crop he had seen growing in similar conditions was wasabi in Japan. That was enough to plant a seed in our minds and we began looking at what it might take to grow wasabi in the UK. We discovered a lot of similarities between the conditions required for watercress and wasabi. We also discovered plenty of warnings that wasabi was a difficult crop to grow and that it had never been successfully cultivated in Europe.

The gauntlet duly laid down we began growing wasabi in some previously abandoned watercress beds and after a good deal of trial and error we brought our first wasabi crop to maturity two years later. It has been a steep learning curve and we are still given plenty of surprises by our wasabi crops. Each year we see something different and any mistakes take a long time to put right with a two year growth curve. Harvesting a fully mature plant is always an event as it is only when you pull the whole plant you can see what you have yielded.

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Sales now reach some of the top chefs in the UK and all over Europe. Many of these are using wasabi in the traditional way, freshly grated with sushi & sashimi. Other chefs encountering wasabi for the first time have used it to compliment their own style of cooking and our wasabi is used to flavour a wide variety of meat and fish dishes, puddings and soups, foams and sauces. When they are available the flowers, leaves and leaf stems are all snapped up for further inspiring creations.
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