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Biosing D.O.O.


About Biosing D.O.O.

BioSing boutique
organic products are highest-quality, unique products with a BIO international
certificate intended for a target core group of consumers who have a clear idea
of high quality.

Our users
and consumers are mostly people aware of the importance of natural, wholesome
nutrition, for whom BioSing products are much more than meals and gourmet
delights. All BioSing products are also invaluable for health and nature and
are therefore also intended for you. Balanced quality nutrition has a major
impact on the health and well-being of each and every one of us.

Fresh, non-frozen
raw meat with a bio international certificate and of known origin comes from older
animals that have been proven (by studies) to be more suitable for
highest-quality dried meat products. The meat is top quality and carefully


Form of sale/rental



Listed as exceptional producers - Jeunes Restaurateurs (JRE)
Recommended by JRE-Slovenia
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Address & Contact


Biosing d.o.o.


Gorenjska cesta 56

Contact person

David Lesar


+386 51 235 586


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