Chef Carlo Scotto helms modern fine dining restaurant, Xier, in London. Here he shares one of his inventive modern European dishes.




Follow the below method for 10 portions.


  • Rose petal 1kg
  • Rose water 2 bottles 120ml
  • Sugar 500g
  • Salt 500g


Fresh salmon 4 sides 500g (50g per portion)


Blitz everything together and marinade the salmon in a container with cling film covering.




  • Foie gras 750g (slice the foie and vacuum seal and cook 54 degrees for 30 minutes)
  • Salt 15g
  • Pink Salt 1.5g
  • Sugar 12g
  • Double Cream 250g
  • Armagnac 50g
  • Gelatin Leaves 8.5g
  • (melt gelatin over low heat with 150g of Double Cream)


After blending, pass thought a sieve. Let it set.




  • Fresh rhubarb 250g
  • Sugar 50g
  • Xantana gelatin 2g
  • salt 2.5g
  • 500ml of water


Bring to boil all the ingredients and blend. Let it set.


Composing the dish:


Put the salmon in the centre of the plate, season with salt and Chinese pepper add a spoonful of the powdered foie gras. Garnish with zest from lime, 3 coriander cress per portion, 1 Borage flower per portion, 2gr apple per portion and some rhubarb jelly. Enjoy!


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