The mishkina is the base Amazonian dressing of the classic dishes of the jungle, such as the Juane, to give the green color to the rice, or in a patarashca, to flavor the fish, among other preparations. 

That’s why chef Edgardo Rojas has called his restaurant Mishkina, because it is the DNA of Amazonian cuisine.

To prepare it you need a batán or a stone grinder.

We need:

  • 70% curcumin (palillo or turmeric)

  • Garlic

  • Pepper

  • Cumin

  • Sachaculantro

  • Broadleaf oregano 

  • Sachatomate

  • Sachaají

Grind it with the stone grinder, and in the end, you will have a green paste, a color scheme given by its green leaves.

Chef Edgardo teaches us that this dressing can be stored for months, it does not spoil. «You have it ready and when you want to cook, you put it in the pot and that’s it».

In the jungle, when a dish tastes bad, they say: Ah! This was missing its mishkina!”

We have thought about everything and if we do not find the typical Amazonian ingredients, they can be substituted, turmeric is easier to find and will always predominate in the dressing, but in the case of Amazonian herbs we can replace the coriander with the sachaculantro, the broadleaf oregano with boldo, and in the case of sachaají with a common chili pepper.