Category: Main course

Diet: Gluten-free, Lactose-free



To marinate the cod

1 kg desalted cod loin

200g Orange juice

2 tbsp smoked tea

2 tbsp tender onion emincé (Green part)



300g green olives

2 anchovies

50g extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp honey or agave


Finish (Ingredients for one person)

200g diced tomatoes, without skins or seeds

Sections of acid orange

100 g cod, cut in 6 escalopes

Sections of orange

1 soft-boiled egg (3 minutes)

Green onion in strips

1 tbsp tapenade

2 tbsp virgin olive oil

Rocket leaves and young sprouts



Cod marinade

Put the juice, tea and onion together for a few hours, strain and then plunge the cod in the liquid. Marinate 12 hours. Dry well and cut into ½ cm thick escalopes.



Put everything together in a saucepan and heat up, grind and sift. Reserve.


Finish (Ingredients for one person)

Arrange a tomato base and place the cod escalopes and alternate sections of orange on it. Make a few lines of tapenade on the plate. Remove the soft-boiled egg and distribute it anarchically on the plate and add salt. Finally, place the rocket on the cod and drizzle everything with the extra virgin oil and distribute the rocket leaves and the fried skin.