From Gregory Louraichi.


Recipe: 1 persons



  • Urchin pcs 1
  • Lobster kg 0,2
  • Beetroot kg 0,02
  • Tomato kg 0,015
  • Onions kg 0,012
  • Lemon pcs 1
  • Kumquat pcs 1
  • Basil kg 0,002
  • Wasabi kg 0,005
  • Tabasco kg 0,002
  • Lee perrin l 0,05
  • Agar agar kg 0,002
  • Soy sauce l 0,020
  • Oilve oil l 0,010
  • Salt pm /


  1. Open & take off the urchin,clean the shell and put in the oven few minuteto make it dried.
    Take a bowl,put the soy sauce and the wasbi together,mixed and the urchin inside.
    Keep 1hour in the refrigeartor to marinate.
  2. Take the meat of the lobster and cut it in cube.
    Inside a bowl,add onions,lemon,tomato,kumquat,lee perrin ,olive oil,basil and salt.
    Add the lobster cube inside and keep in the refrigerator for 1 night.
  3. Washed the beetroot but keep the skin.
    Take a sauce pan,put water and boiled it,after add the beetroot inside and cook for.
    Take off ,wait is cold and take off the skin.
    Cut in small diced and put in the mixer with water.
    Take the beetroot juice and add lecitine to create the purple foam (you do this operation before you served).



  1. Take a dark plate, add big sea salt on the bottom.
  2. Add the lobster ceviche inside.
  3. Add the urchin marinated with wasabi (but not with the juice).
  4. Add the beetroot foam on the top.
  5. Outside,on the salt, i used vanilla stick and edible flower.