Josef Gallenberger, Executive Sous Chef at Hugo’s at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, shares his recipe for Dover sole meuniere, one of the Hugo’s signature dishes.



For the fish:

  • Dover Sole 700-800g                   1pc
  • Meuniere sauce                           50ml
  • Salt and pepper
  • Plain flour                                     20g
  • Chopped parsley                         20g
  • Lemon wedge                              half pc
  • Italian parsley                              0.5g


For the meuniere sauce:

  • Fresh butter                                 300g
  • Chicken jus                                  50ml
  • White wine                                   25ml
  • Lemon juice                                 20ml




Remove the skin off the sole. Cut the small bones, head, back fin and bowel away and clean it. Flavour it with salt and pepper and turn it around in the flour.

Chop the parsley.

Melt the cleared butter in a sauté pan. Put the sole in and sauté it for around 3 minutes. Turn the fish over. Add some butter and sauté until it turns golden brown with a core temperature of around 140 degrees C. Take the sole out and let it rest. Remove the oil from the pan.

Add more butter in the same pan and let it melt down to “noisette” (golden brown). Add white wine, some salt and pepper, and a nice piece of lemon garnish. Press some lemon juice into the butter and over the sole.

When ready, brush again with the herb butter, and let it rest for a moment.

Take the bones out to filet the sole.

Put the sole filet on the plate, brush again nicely with the herb butter, and add chervil and lemon to garnish.


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