If you already have ground coffee, it won’t take long.

The French press consists of a glass jug and a lid with a plunger that pushes the filter down, to press the coffee to the bottom. There are different measures in the market, being usual from 250 ml (1 cup) to 1 liter (4 cups).

The golden rule for making coffee is adding 2 tablespoons filled with coffee per cup of water (250ml). As a reference, each heaped tablespoon equals about 8 to 10 grams.

Before starting, put the water on to boil, to have hot water.

The first thing we do is adding coffee to the jug, hot water and stir.

Then, the jug is covered, with the plunger up, still not pressed, and allowed to stand for 4 to 5 minutes for the water to absorb the coffee flavors. The wait is similar to the one we would have if we make coffee drop by drop.

Finally, after those minutes, the plunger is pushed, pressing all the grinding towards the bottom of the jug, and the coffee is ready to serve.

Enjoy it!