Alessandro Cozzolino (Chef Portrait) is Chef de Cuisine at refined Italian restaurant Grissini at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.

Here he shares his recipe for gli gnocchi, cacio e pepe con frutti del mar Mediterraneo – homemade potato gnocchi, Mediterranean seafood, pecorino cheese, black pepper.



  • Italian potato, 1kg
  • Egg yolk, 3
  • Weak flour, 120g
  • Pecorino Romano cheese aged, 50g
  • Maizena, 30g
  • Salt & black pepper, 5g



Steam the potato until cooked. Take off the skin and crush them finely. Add all the other ingredients and mix until the result is a homogeneous dough. Cut the dough into small round bites.


Cacio e pepe sauce:

  • Grated pecorino romano, 400g
  • vegetable broth, 500g
  • onion, 25g
  • potato, 75g
  • black pepper, 25g



Braise the onion and potato, add the vegetable stock and cook until the potato is soft and breaks up into small pieces. Stir in the cheese at 65 degrees, go to Thermomix and blend all at 50 degrees for a few minutes. Add the black pepper freshly ground.


Mediterranean seafood:

  • Red prawns
  • Scallops
  • Mazzancolle shrimps
  • Clams Vongole Veraci
  • Baby squid



  • Lime zest
  • Black pepper
  • Edible flower
  • Melissa cress
  • Lemon Verbena cress