Chef Florita Alves, an expert on Macanese food, shares her recipe for   tacho chau-chau pele – Macanese stew winter casserole with assorted meats and cabbage enriched with smoked duck leg, sausage and fried pork cracker.



  • Chicken                              2
  • Pork belly                           1 ½ kg
  • Pork trotter                         1 ½ Kg
  • Beef brisket                        800 g
  • Chinese sausage               ½ kg
  • Salted duck leg                  4 pcs
  • Fried pork cracker              400g
  • Cabbage                            3kg
  • Shallot                                8
  • Salt, pepper, bay leaf, cloves and oil as needed


Preparation method:

  1. Cut chicken into 10 pieces each and pork meat into small chunks.
  2. Marinate them with sea salt and leave overnight. (For the chicken use less salt)
  3. Cut Chinese sausage and salted duck leg into small chunks.
  4. Soak the fried pork cracker in water with until softened and washed thoroughly. Drain it and set aside.
  5. Blanch all meat (except chicken) drain and let it cool and dry.
  6. Sauté shallots in little bit of oil, stir fry all the meat by type.
  7. Bring to boil with some stock the pork trotter, pork belly and beef brisket for about 45 minutes before adding the salted duck leg, sausage and the chicken and cook them until tender. Check the seasoning.
  8. Remove the cooked meat when ready and set aside for later use.
  9. Add the cabbage and fried pork cracker and boil until soften.
  10. Place all the cooked ingredients in a clay pot and simmer for a while, garnish with some sauté green beans and serve hot. Serve with plain rice and stir fried Balichão sauce.