Cesare Romani, Culinary Director at the luxury The Langham, Hong Kong, shares a recipe from Bostonian Seafood & Grill, one of the hotel’s restaurants that he oversees.


Boston lobster baked on beach stones and seaweed



  • Whole Boston lobster                   1 piece, 500-600g
  • Olive oil                                        15g
  • Maldon sea salt                           3g
  • Fresh seaweed                            100g
  • Caramelised lemon halves          2 pieces



  • Lemon butter sauce                              1 portion
  • Seaweed butter                           30g




  • Cut the whole lobster in half, clean and pat dry with kitchen paper towel;
  • Detach and crack the claws.
  • Marinate lobster body and claws with olive oil, lemon juice (little) and salt. Place on metal tray and garnish with little dices of seaweed butter.
  • Heat the beach stones on the live grill or oven till very hot.
  • Cook the lobster in convention oven for 7-8 minutes till just done.
  • Just before serving, place the hot stones in the metal casserole for service;
  • add the wet seaweed.
  • Place the two halves lobster and claws over the seaweed and stone.
  • Serve with two halved caramelised lemon, drizzle with olive oil.
  • Serve lemon butter sauce on the side.

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