Putting in a sleeve (a form of stuffing):

Orange and red cocoa butter paints

Quetzalli Tabasco Chocolate Coverage 80%


Mole Ganache:

25g mole paste

35g cream

35g milk

70g chocolate Quetzalli Tabasco 80%

5g butter

5g invert sugar



24g crispy Sesame Praline.


Mole Paste:

20g dried chili ancho

20g dried chili guajillo

10g nuts: sesame, almond, peanut, raisins.

3g spices: cinnamon, thyme, marjoram, clove, pepper.


Sesame Praline Crunch:

50g almond Paste

15g sesame

7g sugar

3g water

2g pailleté Feuilletine (crunchy crepes)

40g chocolate Quetzalli with 47% milk


For putting in a sleeve (a form of stuffing):

Polish the mold. Temperate cocoa butter paints at 30°C. Decorate the orange drops with a brush. Wait for it to crystallize and paint the entire mold with the red paint. Reserve.


For the ganache of mole:

Boil the cream, milk and invert sugar. Add the mole paste and make an infusion. Crush to fine-tune the texture. Immediately empty over the chopped chocolate and gradually emulsify. In the end, when it is still hot, add the butter. We will get a smooth and shiny ganache. Put in pastry bag and reserve at room temperature.


For the Crispy Sesame Praline:

Caramelize the sesame with the water and sugar, chop it a little and add it to the almond paste. On the other hand, temper the chocolate and incorporate almond and sesame paste. Finally, add the pailleté feuilletine and mix gently. Reserve in a pastry bag.


Make the chocolates:

Fill the inside mold walls with the tempered chocolate topping. Let it crystallize and fill it. Start filling each bonbon with a little mole ganache that should be at about 35ºC (7g approx.) And then the sesame praline crunch at room temperature as well (1.5g approx.). Let the mold crystallize and cover with more coverage of tempered chocolate and plastic guitar sheets. Once the chocolate lid has crystallized, unmold and enjoy.