Her inspiration is based on autumn, as mentioned on her website:

“You just have to observe. The color transmits in itself the essence of autumn, with fiery brushstrokes and golden hues. From reds to oranges, from orange to mustard, yellows, golds, pinks, purples, and garnets. The warm color palette parading under our feet when you imagine walking through a wet and cold autumn forest. Each crunchy or tender step on the mantle of fire seems to warm our path, envelops and comforts us. Mushrooms, berries and a deer that leans out after a spruce tree are the idyllic postcard of this season. The richness of autumn does not require a common thread, it is a concept in itself, it is so rich in gastronomic offerings that it can only be respected and extolled, covering the dishes of succulent and dyed combinations of the colors of such an excellent palette”.



With a slicer, the beet is laminated finely, previously roasted and peeled, and cover the bottom of the plate with them.

It has escarole, only the white parts, chopped by hand into small pieces, dressed with extra virgin olive oil of arbequina and Jerez vinegar. Placed in the center, as a base to the candied loins of red mullets on the oven 5 minutes.

Peeled figs distributed levelly on the plate.

Thinly laminated radishes, and pickled in apple cider vinegar and sugar. They are arranged above the plate looking for the contrast of sweet and bitter.