An Ideal about Food & Human . The Connection Evolution becomes the new tradition and the desire to show how their union has been the key of time and is still the secret, not as such, but as a trick, to live and share every day an intimate and beneficial everyday life. Collaboration is Dictatt, without it one could not create something great, to flourish products that are unique and delicate, and this is how in the stage of life these actors must participate with fellowship and understanding so that the show becomes unique. As Kafka recalled, “Intellectual work rips man to the human community. Manual labor instead leads man to men. ” The gastronomy, grammar able to bring closer the genius and the inventiveness of the individual to the pleasure of the simplicity of the convivial consumption, reveals the essence of a work not only manual but also intellectual, Where compositions and combinations become perfect constructs of a processed yet clear syntax. The scents of the sea and the Earth, metaphors of pleasure, pervade every sense, transforming, now more than ever, the convivial in a multi-sensory experience. It is the memory of past habits, which become seem current, the strong point of this scene dedicated to a rapprochement with nature as a means of reconnecting with men again. The true passion, the intimate and visceral rejects the contemporary canons devoted to hyperreality. A contemporary that, lost sacredness and values, wants a reality that is more true than reality itself, and to which instead this entourage offers an “original” reality created by Man for man, through nature, its fruits and its colors. Share it with the Blog and get feedbacks