Vegetable suppliers

Vegetable suppliers

Vegetables suppliers - nutritious, fresh and healthy

Every child learns: vegetables are healthy and important. Vegetables are suppliers of many essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber. Vegetables as a vegetable food thus forms a basic building block of the diet of each person. Whether the carrot with dip to snack in between, the potato as a side dish or the large salad as a substitute for the steak. Vegetables have become an integral part of the daily diet. With the right cook´s knife, it is quickly cut and prepared and has great variety in terms of taste. Restaurants devote a separate category to the salad in their menu and offer the most delicious dressings.

About 90 kilograms consumed so the average German citizen. However, the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends the consumption of over 140 kilograms. A difference that can be diminished by vegetable suppliers.

Many vegetable farmers sell the products of their harvest at weekly markets or in their farm shop. Other vegetable suppliers are in close relationships with bulk purchasers such as restaurants or cooking schools. No matter where you find buyers, the vegetable suppliers have one thing in common - fresh goods.

The right way of storage plays an important role.

What do vegetable suppliers care about?

  • High humidity
  • Constant air exchange
  • Frost-protected and out of the sun
  • Constant control – e. g. cooling temperature
  • Vegetable suppliers rely on short transport routes

If these and many other points are cared about freshness and enjoyment are guaranteed.

The most popular varieties

In the German popularity ranking (sorted by annual consumption in kilograms), the potato comes first. About 60 kilograms land on the plate of the Germans. The potatoes are followed by the tomato plant. About 25 kilograms land in the bellies. Carrot takes third place with almost 10 kilograms of consumption per capita.

Many vegetables suppliers of the freshest and crispest goods you will soon find here on Cook Concern. If you are looking for additional ingredients and foodstuffs, go use the search function in the newly created supplier area.