Tournant - tasks, salary and more

Tournant - tasks, salary and more

The position of the tournant is exercised by a person who can help out everywhere in the kitchen staff. He literal has to rotate. It is understandable that his abilities should be very broad, since he is required to be able to handle different positions. A tournant is primarily used in restaurants and hotels where a large number of employees work.

Tournant - career and tasks

No matter which position - whether chef, sauce chef or another position of the kitchen staff - the tournant must be able to fill each of these on a very high level. It is quite possible that his area of ​​responsibility changes several times a day and he has to face new demands. A tournant is a true all-rounder. He must know every technique and preparation method so that he can interact in the best possible way. That's why he is great in teaching young chefs and helping them develop.

Tournant - training

As with many other positions, the tournant must have successfully completed training as a cook. This usually takes three years and can be completed in different restaurants, hotels or other catering companies.

The position of the tournant is characterized by enormous flexibility, which is why professional experience in every field is essential for this. This is one of the reasons why he has got to know almost every position within a kitchen. The numerous strengths include the leadership of employees. These must be trained and further developed.

Tournant - salary

The salary of a tournant depends on all sorts of factors. Among the most important are the professional experience of the employee, the size of the company and the region. These have a significant influence on the salary. Furthermore, the size of the subordinate team can affect the payment, as well as the type of employment contract. You have to keep in mind whether it is a permanent job, a seasonal or annual contract. All of this will affect your wages.

The job offers on Cook Concern have shown that the salary of a tournant is between €1700 and €2900 gross per month. An additional incentive might be that some companies provide free food and lodging, which in the end leads to more salary to be left.