Sausage products - a supplier of high-quality protein

Sausage products - a supplier of high-quality protein

Sausage products - a supplier of high-quality protein

The consumption of meat and sausage products places Germany in fifth place in the international ranking after heavyweights Australia, USA, Argentina and Spain. Every year about 85 kilograms of meat and sausage are consumed by the Germans on average. That could be a bit more than your body weight. Reason enough to dedicate a article to this food.

Meat products are differentiated into meat and sausages products. In the production of the former, the meat fiber is preserved. These are crushed again in the production of sausages products. Depending on the manufacturing process, sausages are divided into cooked sausage, boiled sausage and raw sausage. Pickling and smoking as a method of preservation makes the product durable. The use of food additives is permitted for the production of meat products and serves to extend the shelf life, seasoning and coloring.

Sausage products supplier

If you ask people around the world about sausage and Germany, you will get as answer probably Bratwurst - the German favorite sausage. Whether Thüringer or Nürnberger delivers the best Bratwurst will certainly be discussed at the next barbecue. The Bavarian Weißwurst is also world famous. Their popularity goes back to the Oktoberfest in Munich, which has been taking place since 1810. But even beyond that, sausage products suppliers can come up with countless types of sausages in this country. Sausage as a popular spread is on everyone's lips and the choice at the counter of the local butcher is increasingly difficult. The German processing of sausages products produces about a thousand different varieties. One thing all sausages have in common - they are produced from a sausage mass, which consists of pork, beef, veal, chicken or turkey meat.

As different as the sausage products can be, so different is the further processing for the professional or amateur cook - you fry, you cook, you grill and you stew. At the end, there is a rich dish on the table. Contained are some important vitamins, minerals and high quality protein.

The selection of suppliers is great for such a meat-loving country.
What should you look for when choosing a supplier?

  • Sausage products certification under various quality systems
  • Compliance with the defined standards of the IFS (International Food Standard)
  • Transparency and voluntary information on applied cooling methods, type of keeping, origin of the meat

If you want full control over production and ingredients, you can also make sausage yourself. To make sausages and smoking is easy to learn and even results in the first attempts to tasty results. The devices are in almost every household. Meat grinder and sausage filler can be found in the well-managed specialty shop. The making of sausage is an interesting and appetizing occupation, from which you can quickly develop a passion. Recipe ideas, stimulation, motivation and also suppliers for the necessary ingredients meat, sausage, spices and Co. you will soon find here in the network Cook Concern.

By the way: That, all has an end, only the sausage has two, a sausage supplier from Penne (Italy) tried to prove in 2011 and produced with his nine colleagues a sausage with total length of 597.8 meters. The sausage did not survive 24 hours and was sold portioned in the bread for a good cause.

With the Football World Cup upcoming is the next big barbecue season. Many sausage products will go over the counter and find their way into the bellies of the people. Maybe then it will soon be enough for a podium place for Germany - leaving Spain and Argentina behind in the meat ranking.