Saucier - tasks, salary and more

Saucier - tasks, salary and more

A dish without sauce? Is that really conceivable? Would that not be too dry and simple? The saucier is responsible for the success of a sauce. In the majority of companies this post is covered by the sous chef. This is mainly because he has a lot of experience.

Saucier - Career and tasks

Conceivably simple and logical is the statement that the saucier is responsible for the preparation of sauce and therefore he can also be referred to as sauce chef. He is responsible for sauces, gravy juices, butter mixes, but also for food such as roulades, goulash and fricassee. In addition, he is expected to be very well versed in the preparation of game and poultry dishes.

In some farms, the post of the saucier is filled with a sous chef. Often this is justified by the fact that he has more work experience and has already taken care of different positions in his education and career.

In smaller restaurants and other cuisines, a sauce chef sometimes takes on tasks that require specialization in large cuisines. Examples of this can be called tasks of the fish chef and the roast cook.

Saucier - Training

Basically it can be said that every career in the cuisine starts with the education as a cook. The next step is promotion to a young chef, also known as Commis de Cuisine. If this hurdle is taken, another recommendation can be made to the saucier, which is a specialization within the brigade de cuisine. In large gastronomic establishments, there are a larger number of Chef de Parties, all of whom are responsible for different departments, including sauces.

The meaning of the sauce chef is also clear from his position or the position of the sous chef. Because this is the deputy chef de cuisine, the head cook.

This shows clearly how big the responsibility of a Saucier can be. Above all, upscale restaurants expect not only a professional qualification but also several years of professional experience. Especially the banquet, but also the à la carte menu are in focus.

In addition to these technical skills, soft skills and social competences make a good sauce chef special. He must be independent and team-oriented and be equipped with a high awareness of quality. Commitment, a great organizational talent and balanced stress resilience are valued factors.

Saucier salary

The salary in all occupational fields depend on very different factors. In addition to the working region, it is above all the work experience that has a decisive influence on the salary. The advertised positions of the Saucier at Cook Concern range from €1600 to €2400 gross per month.