Rental Chef

Rental Chef

Many professional chefs now work as self-employed chefs and personal chefs. The term rental chef is a generic term. Marketing as a rental chef can be done in many forms, such as a personal chef, private chef, catering chef, home cooking, cook for tourists or as a show chef.

Start of work as a rental chef

The prerequisite for a successful work as a rental cook should be a completed cooking education and several years of professional experience as a chef. Various jobs in different restaurants are also helpful. The integration into a network of professional chefs helps the rental chef to exchange experiences.

Marketing as a rental chef

To start a career as a rental chef, you should try to specialize in a particular focus and service. The rental chef can choose between being a rental chef for restaurants, a personal chef and catering chef or a cook for tourists.

As a rental chef you should have your own website as a basis. Another tool for marketing to a wide audience is Cook Concern - the portal and career network for professional chefs. In addition to the cost-free profile for professional chefs, Cook Concern offers rental cooks an additional feature where you can present your sample menus, and get a calendar feature for your clients. This feature is also free for the rental chef.

Advantages as a chef on Cook Concern

In addition to the free presentation of the professional cooking profile and the free additional marketing function for rental cooks, for the rental chef there are no agency fees or commission payments as with other rental cook agencies. The rental chef can work completely independently, without rent-a-cook-agencies in an international cooking network.

Advantages as a rental chef

The advantages of working as a rental chef are clearly the independence. The rental cook can choose his own orders and divide the times in which he wants to work as a rental cook.

Personal cook for tourists

This quite new form to market himself as a personal chef, finds its origin in Spain. Local cooks offer their work as a rental chef to tourists here. The local personal chefs specialize in local dishes in order to familiarize tourists with local specialties and their preparation in particular. Many of the local tourist cooks offer their rental cooking service at home to give the local flair even better to the tourists. The market for local tourist cooks is still relatively young in Germany, but it is growing very fast, so in a few years there will be many of these local tourist cooks.

Rental chef for private parties

Another quite new form of marketing as a rental chef comes from the US and England, where rental cooks can be booked for private events as a chef for home. The rental chef does not work as a catering chef. The rental chef cooks together with his guests at the guests home.

The work as a private chef is not directly attributable to the rental chef, as the private chef works for an employer.

The work as a catering chef can be done for companies or private clients. In this case, the rental chef rarely cooks on-site, but serves on-site finger food, buffets, etc.

The term rental chef has so many facets and even more names such as rent a chef, private chef, catering chef, show chef.