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Kitchen accessories

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For a catering business the cuisine is indispensable. Here the food is prepared. This begins with preparatory work steps such as cleaning and chopping the food, through the actual preparation steps such as seasoning, cooking or roasting, to your presentation for the guest, usually on a plate.

Due to the frequent use of the device, higher standards apply here than in the private household: high durability and ease of use are essential for efficient work.

Which accessories do you need for a professional cuisine?

Space to work

Seemingly obvious and therefore easy to underestimate is the need for work surfaces: here preparations take place, potatoes are cut and fish are filetted, pots and plates are turned off at short notice. For worktables and worktops, a surface made of stainless steel is preferred: it can be cleaned comparatively easily and quickly.

Stove and oven

Central to the preparation are - of course - stove and oven. Professional cooks often prefer gas cookers because cooking times can be dosed more precisely: with a gas appliance, there is no waiting for the desired heating of the hotplate after switching on. Conversely, after switching off, there is no subsequent release of heat to the pots and pans on the stove be taken into account. As a further advantage, the gas flame can be infinitely variable regulated. Last but not least, there is also a financial advantage: a kilowatt-hour of gas costs just a fraction of a kilowatt-hour of electricity.

On the other hand, electric stoves also have advantages: they can be better adjusted to relatively low temperatures, which is always advantageous if a dish is only slightly heated instead of strongly heated. The safety aspect is also important: for example, an accidental short touch about the work clothes or a cloth with the stove plate is much less critical than with the open flame of a gas stove. Just as relevant is the effort required for cleaning: with smooth ceramic fields, it is much lower than a gas stove with its lattice-like structures. Sooty pots are also no problem with the proper use of an electrical appliance.

The advantages of both worlds can be largely combined with an induction cooker - at the price of higher acquisition costs.

Griddles are often used in gastronomy for grilling and roasting. They are much more efficient to use than pans because of their size and rectangular shape, and their rustproof steel surface makes them easy to clean.

In addition, there is a myriad of devices as a special accessory, from the fryer to the waffle iron.

Cooling and freezing technology

Before the preparation of the food - and sometimes even after that - its storage comes. To keep everything fresh, the food will be cooled. Professional cooling units usually have a large volume. In addition to the classics such as refrigerator and freezer, there are some specialized cooling units in the catering industry.

Some examples are:

  • Wine refrigerator: On the one hand, wine should be stored long term at a constant temperature as possible, on the other hand, depending on the type of wine to be cooled differently. Wine fridges can therefore often be set to 18° C.
  • Fish fridge: Fish is particularly perishable, which is why these devices allow temperatures near 0° C
  • Bakery refrigerator: It's hot where you bake. Bakery refrigerators are therefore designed to be able to cool even at ambient temperatures of about 30 to 40° C still reliable.

Cleanliness and hygiene

These keywords must also be considered when purchasing the right accessories. These include powerful extractor hoods and channels for air exchange, and of course professional dishwashers.

Last but not least, sufficient work clothes including headgear are necessary for the staff, as well as kitchen towel and cleaning cloths.