Gastronomy Food

Gastronomy Food

How do food get into gastronomy?

For cooking in the restaurant industry indispensable is choosing the right gastronomy food. The matter of course, food only serve nutrition and thus supply of important micronutrients is no longer valid. The consumer puts more and more focus on the pleasure of consumption. Professional chefs all over the globe do not only conjure and create meals, they also create works of art and create flavor explosions in your mouth. The television chef is becoming a rock star!

"There is only one pleasure greater than the pleasure of eating well: the pleasure of cooking well." - Nobel Prize winner Günter Grass

Whether in the canteen, restaurant or in the upscale cuisine – gastronomy needs food - high quality, fresh and delivered quickly. The sources of supply differ here. If one restaurateur uses the weekly market on the spot, the other relies on the supply of a wholesaler. Gastronomy food is everywhere. Many suppliers can already be searched for and found on Cook Concern. The range of possible gastronomy foods extends from A like Angus Beef to Z like Zucchini.

The requirements are high.

Gain plus points with

  • Organic gastronomy foods
  • Fair trade
  • Produced regionally and seasonally
  • Short ways

The supplier can convince the gastronomy with fresh goods of high quality. Increasingly, the industry is also focusing on the ecological aspect. Organic, regional or fairly produced and traded gastronomy food are plus points that customers like to see. Only international specialties may have a longer way behind them, and then land on the plate. Increased quality demands on gastronomy food and the increasing environmental awareness of the clientele also lead to a higher guests` willingness to pay.

Enjoyment is not a luxury anymore

The guests trust in the craft of the cooks, the magicians. But every artist needs the right equipment. If the restaurateur finds the right supplier for his gastronomy food, similar to the regular guest-restaurant, a catering-supplier relationship is also established here. Trust, reliability and high quality performance on the part of the supplier consolidate this commitment.

In the end, it creates nutrient-rich, filling and, of course, highly enjoyable dishes that both the professional chef in gastronomy and the amateur cook prepare at home. There are no limits to the creations. Sometimes necessary motivation and inspiration can be found in many recipes, blog posts and in our new area for suppliers.