Garde manger - tasks, salary and more

Garde manger - tasks, salary and more

What a great job title: garde manger. Sounds like fame, fun and a great job. This chef is responsible for the cold food. It is an independent department, especially in high-class companies. He is responsible for the preparation of cold dishes. In addition to the fish and the pies, these include, above all, the salads that likely everyone has tried before in the restaurant.

Garde manger - career and tasks

The garde manger is very familiar with the high art of cold food. His area of ​​responsibility is enormously extensive. The preparation of cold food is cared for by him. He has to be as familiar with mussels and fish as he is with galantines, terrines and pies. In addition to the aesthetic presentation, of course, compliance with the hygiene regulations and other common service standards is also important.

In large and renowned restaurants and hotels it is possible that more than one garde manger is employed. In small companies, it is not uncommon for the pantry cook to take care of appetizers and salads.

Garde manger - training

Any higher position within the kitchen staff necessarily requires training as a cook. This is also the case with the garde manger. The next step is to gain first work experience as a young chef. In this area, this position is referred to as Commis de Gardemanger.

As described, it is quite possible that in a large gastronomic company several garde mangers are employed. If this is the case, the most senior pantry cook with the greatest professional experience will be promoted to Chef de Partie.

One of the most important personal qualities in this occupational field is one's own learning and motivation. In addition, you should be resilient and stress-resistant. Of course, good organization, team play and leadership is also part of the job so that you can ultimately climb your career ladder.

Garde manger - salary

The salary of a garde manger depends on different aspects. How many years of work experience do you have? Where do you want to work? And what company size should your new company have? All this ultimately affects the evaluation of your salary.
The different positions advertised on Cook Concern have resulted in a salary average of €1,800 to €2,500 gross per month.

There are numerous companies that reward their employees with additional extras. For example, it is possible that the accommodation and board will be provided by the company. Look for suitable job offers and apply now.