Food Trucks

Food Trucks

Food trucks - main points briefly summarized

Food trucks have long been known from the roadside and also from fairs. Small trucks, sometimes just trailers, with half-height up folded side or rear wall, from which Currywurst, waffles, ice cream and other are sold.

For some time now, the term "food truck" has come to be known in German as a wheeled kitchen, along with a pleasant gastronomic development: in the meantime, they also offer higher-quality food, according to the motto "small but nice" in a rather specialized selection , just for reasons of space. Frequently regional dishes are in the foreground, but also the cuisine of other countries is on its way to getting out of its niche.

And: food trucks are no longer just in one place, they're on tour! Not only at weekly markets, but also at street food festivals. The boom in the food sector offers travel-seeking chefs new jobs and opportunities to start a business.

All this also requires the purchase of the right vehicle: The kitchen of a food truck needs a very functional equipment in order to make good use of the available space, even more if perhaps several cooks want to work in it.