Cooking Schools

Cooking Schools

Cooking Schools and Culinary institutes and International chef network

Being a chef becomes a lifelong learning and international chef networks, international chef portals and international chef organisations more important

Lots of chefs enjoyed a great cooking education at the beginning of their chef career. Most of the cooking schools and culinary institutes had a local focus, so that the chef networks used to be local as well.

Since the culinary world gets more international, lots of restaurants request from chefs and the chef job itself more internationality and a chef network link.

As a chef career never ends and the chef job has no boarders, lots of chefs get connected at international chef networks, such as Cook Concern, to share different chef receipts, experiences about their chef job and the chef career opportunities in different restaurants and hotels.

Another way for international chefs to extend their chef and cooking knowledge, are taking courses at cooking schools and culinary institutes in other countries.

For example, the new Sushi trend: which place is the best for a chef to learn properly to make Sushi and become a Shushi chef; of course Japan. Cooking schools which offer such programmes for foreign chefs are for example TSUJI Culinary Institute, Tokyo Sushi Academy, Hattori Nutritional College or the Edo Tokyo Soba.

Another way for a chef to get aware with the whole spectrum of the Asian kitchen, would visiting a chef school and culinary institute in Singapore, since Singapore is the melting point of all different Asian cooking styles, international chefs and international restaurants. Chef courses are offered by Asian Culinary Institute, SHATEC Singapore, the OSAC International College

Even foreign cooking schools and institutes go international. For example in Asia: the Le Cordon Bleu Academy operate outlets of cooking schools in China, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia or The Culinary Institute of America with a cooking school out let for international chefs in Singapore.

Most cooking schools and culinary institutes are part of international chef networks and chef career portals.

Advanced cooking schools offer graduations which helps to become not only executive chefs or head chefs, but also to become great chef jobs as sous chef, pastry chef, grade manager or line chef.

Another advantage of such further education / courses offered by different cooking schools for chefs is; that chefs become member of an international chef network through the alumni organisation of the cooking schools and culinary institutes.

Being part of an international chef network allows chefs to relate to international chefs, find better international chef jobs and just boost their chef career.