Chef Pâtissier - tasks, salary and more

Chef Pâtissier - tasks, salary and more

Chef Pâtissier - tasks, salary and more

Probably the sweetest task in the kitchen belongs to the chef Pâtissier. Another job title would be confectioner. His activities are among the most complex work in the kitchen. In addition to the production of desserts, he is also responsible for managing his own area.

Chef Pâtissier - career and tasks

Admittedly, the post of a Chef Pâtissier is often accompanied by some mockery. This position is anything but easy. In the area of ​​the Chefs the Partie, Chef Pâtissier is probably even the most demanding, as they must work completely detached from the other areas of the cuisine and therefore requires a completely different profile of requirements.

A Chef Pâtissier is responsible for the production and processing of doughs, pies and cakes. In addition, he has to take care of cold and hot sweets and desserts and even the production of ice falls into his area of ​​responsibility.

Creativity and individuality are the most important requirements for this position. Boredom can and should never arise. This is true for the employees but also for the guests.

There are numerous companies where a Chef Pâtissiers can be at home. In addition to illustrious catering companies, it is above all the pâtisserie departments in upmarket restaurants and hotels. He is responsible in his area for the guidance of the Demi Chef Pâtissier and the Commis de Pâtissier, which are directly subordinate to him.

Chef Pâtissier - Training

Both in Germany and in Austria, training as a pastry chef or baker is not a prerequisite for later filling the job as a Chef Pâtissier. Most gastronomic companies, on the other hand, want them to complete a cookery education and work experience when applying for this position.

Of particular importance are further education courses on a national as well as international level. Restaurants and, above all, hotels place special emphasis on this.

If you want to work as a pâtissier, you have to attach a lot of importance to your own quality awareness. The attention to detail is an important quality feature of your own work. Likewise, a structured way of working and a lot of personal initiative is required so that one can work successfully in this professional field.

Chef Pâtissier - salary

Virtually every job has differences in pay. There are a few factors playing a role here. In addition to the worker's professional experience, it is above all the country and the region that decide how much a worker earns. Furthermore, you should consider the size of the company and the nature of your employment. Is your contract a seasonal job, a permanent contract or an annual contract? All of this affects your salary. On average, salaries between € 2,200 and € 2,700 gross have been found on Cook Concern. In addition, employees were offered further incentives by companies such as meals and accommodation. Have a look at the current jobs.