Chef Networks

Chef Networks

Types of chef networks

Chef networks come in different forms. A cooking network starts among the chefs in the team in the cuisine. Cooking schools that offer alumni network are another way in which chefs can keep in touch with each other and share experiences working as a cook. Chef associations of each country provide a regional chef network. Cooking networks are also created in social media. However, there is a mixture of private information of chefs and professional publications of chefs, so that the addressees of information of cooks overlap. Well-known career networks are another way to build a cooking network. Disadvantages of these organizations are their offers of all professional groups. These career networks could therefore be referred to as “department store career networks”. Professions specific career networks, such as Cook Concern, the career network exclusive for professional chefs, offers an even closer range of users. Thus, professional groups offer specific networks such as Cook Concern: a closed professional group, purely professional communication among the chefs and an international orientation beyond national borders.

Features of the Chef Network Cook Concern

  •     Personal profiles for chefs
  •     Blog posts by chefs
  •     Cook messenger for chefs
  •     Recipes from chefs
  •     Presentation of restaurant, hotel and other employers
  •     Job offers
  •     Marketplace for gastronomy property
  •     Marketplace for food suppliers
  •     Marketplace for food trucks
  •     Presentation of franchise concepts
  •     Cooking schools
  •     Chefs Societies

Benefits of cooking networks

The biggest benefit for chefs in a chef network is the exchange and affiliation of an international cooking community. Cooks can create their cooking profile, document their career steps, add new stages in the curriculum vitae, present their own recipes and creations and use them as needed for a passive or active application to another job as a chef. If necessary, the latest job offers can be sent from a desired filter via a notification function via email. Also, cooks who are not looking for a new job can inform themselves about possible employers (restaurants, hotels, etc.) and their working conditions for cooks.

Financing from Chef Network Cook Concern

The international cooking network Cook Concern is not funded by chefs. Use of the Cook Network Cook Concern is free for chefs. The Cooking Network Cook Concern offers employers the opportunity to showcase their gastronomy business for chefs. Job offers can be advertised and presented at Cook Concern in the area of ​​Restaurant/Gastronomy hotel, catering, canteen , cruise, human resource management, café/bar, foodservice and others.

Cook Concern as an international chef networks

The international chef network Cook Concern is offered in eight different languages ​​and therefore knows no borders for the cooks; as well as the job as a chef is becoming more international and knows no borders.