Chef de Cuisine - tasks, salary and more

Chef de Cuisine - tasks, salary and more

Chef de Cuisine - tasks, salary and more

Who does not value French titles like the Chef de Cuisine, can also call himself a head chef. He leads the kitchen staff within a gastronomic facility and is therefore primarily responsible for the success of the company. Of course, the Chef de Cuisine is also dependent on his environment. Only when all employees deliver the best possible services he can also interact successfully. Nevertheless, he ultimately bears the entire responsibility and must explain himself to the management.

Chef de Cuisine - career and tasks

As the name suggests, the head chef is in charge and call the shots. He is the human resources manager and is responsible for the coordination of the work processes in the cuisine and also has to take care of administrative tasks, so that the daily business can take place without delays.

His duties include:

  • to execute order of goods.
  • to control products for their quality.
  • to design the menu.
  • to create the rosters for the kitchen staff

If the Chef de Cuisine is missing, the sous chef takes over his duties. He is his deputy.

The head chef has extensive experience in the field of food and beverage, which he passes on to his employees in the best case. This makes it possible to improve the level of performance of all employees. This is one of the reasons why he is responsible for the training of trainees.

Due to his special position within the cuisine, the Chef de Cuisine is constantly in contact with all areas of a company. This should guarantee a continuous process within the company. For example, if a company has several cuisines, such as a canteen company, the head chefs usually report to an Food & Beverage manager or an executive chef.

Chef de Cuisine - training

The essential foundation of any successful career is training. Only a completed cooking education will give you the opportunity to climb further steps on the career ladder. Of course, goals should be set realistically, but is not the idea of ​​being a chef a special motivation?

The first step of your journey usually takes three years and often takes place in a restaurant, hotel or other gastronomic company.

This usually results in a very typical career path of chefs. At the beginning everyone has to complete a training as mentioned. Once this is complete, you start as a young chef, the Commis de Cuisine, to work in the kitchen staff. In the next step you will be station chef, also called Chef de Partie. As already indicated, the next steps on the career ladder are promotion to sous chef and finally Chef de Cuisine or head chef.

In addition to the very good cooking qualities and a great creativity, it is above all soft skills that a head chef has to bring along to be successful in his job. He represents the center of the cuisine, has to motivate coworkers and assigns tasks meaningfully and profitably. Furthermore, it is important that the Chef de Cuisine is self-organized, that he has a high degree of self-motivation and stress resistance. Commitment and assertiveness are also important required qualities.

It sounds bold and simple, but the best head chef is the one who sees work not as a job, but as a vocation.

Chef de Cuisine - salary

The salary of Chef de Cuisine depends on several factors. These include his personal work experience, the country and the region, the size of the company and how many employees report to him. Likewise, the type of employment is important. It should be noted whether it is a perpetual, an annual or seasonal contract. The salary range for job offers on Cook Concern is between €2000 and €4000 gross per month. In addition to wages, numerous companies now offer a number of special benefit for their employees. It is possible that the food and lodging are provided free of charge. In addition, training opportunities and participation in various events are often offered, which can be an additional incentive.

If you are interested in a job as Chef de Cuisine, you can now inform yourself about the offers listed below. Take a look and find the job of your dreams!