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Sascha Wenderoth

Mietkoch, Privatkoch, Küchencoach

Über mich können wir gern in einem persönlichen Gespräch reden... Es geht aber viel mehr um SIE!

Samuel Mervyn Rainey

Chef a Domiclio

Sono esperto nel confezionare su misura il pranzo o la cena per qualunque festa privata o evento, incluso matrimoni, battesimi e cresime in modo da esaudire esigenze e gusti di ogni tipo di clientela

Jozef Burcin

Sous chef

Rad sa obklopujem mladými a ambicióznymi ľudmi a tým si vytváram prirodzene prostredie.

Jakub Tesárek

Miluji gastronomii, rád se učím všem trendům které prostupují moderní gastronomii. Jsem pohodový, komunikativní a přátelský. Nabízím služby jako: osobní kuchař, kurzy vaření, sestavení a příprava pokrmů pro vaší oslavu, přátelé. I love gastronomy, I like to learn all the trends of modern gastronomy. I'm communicative and friendly. I offer services like: personal chef, cooking courses, assembling kitchen training and menu development for clients or friends.

Rob Stewart

Head chef catering manager

Passionate catering franchise holder who is a real foodie


Dan Koh

Executive Chinese Chef | Cantonese Master Chef

With more than three decades of extensive, international culinary experience, I am highly-skilled in authentic, traditional and modern creations of Cantonese and Szechuan fine dining cuisines. I also specialise in avant-garde Chinese / Pan-Asian fusion cuisines that amalgamate time-honored flavours with stylish, contemporary food presentation. Being a Singaporean, I am also well-versed with a multitude of tantalising local seafood favourites. As a hands-on kitchen leader with much experience in Chinese / Asian kitchen management and operations, I am confident in bringing out the very best in his culinary teams to overcome even the most daunting of challenges. I hope to utilise his lifelong culinary skills and experiences to not only share his passion with those who enjoy fine Chinese and Asian gastronomy, but also endeavour to elevate the restaurant/establishment in which I serve in to reach new heights and achieve popular acclaim amongst the best of its kind.

Duane Keller

Executive Chef

Duane Keller, with his long history offering exceptional cuisine in the finest of dining establishments, deserves the respect and renown he has garnered throughout the United States and Canada. Recipient in 2001 of the James Beard Foundation Certificate, New York where he was invited to be a guest chef, Keller has won numerous awards over the years that reflect his ever-expanding inventiveness and inspirational accomplishments: the DiRona Award, Sarasota, Florida; the Gold Spoon Award at the Four Star Delta Bow Valley Inn, Calgary; the Red Seal Award at Emerald Park, Vancouver; the Wine Spectator Award; the C.C.A. Chef of the Year Award; and the Florida Top 100 Award, to name just a few. In addition to these honors, in 2002 Keller helped Julia Child celebrate her 90th birthday with dazzling gastronomic creations; he has been named frequently in Washingtonian Magazine as one of the areas top chefs hailing in their “Top 100,” “Top 50,” and “Best Brunches,” and he was featured in Gourmet Magazine when head chef at the 17th century Ashby Inn in Paris,Virginia. A native of Saskatchewan, Keller’s training under the world’s finest European chefs in Canada, including Gerald Ehler of Calgary, initiated his creative approach—that of incorporating the style and cooking techniques of old world cuisine into that which is new: “I let the food speak for itself; I don’t overwork it but put little twists on things, like my smoked salmon cheesecake.” Keller has over 25 years experience at fine hotels and restaurants along the East Coast and Canada including. Keller enjoys widening his repertory working with indigenous ingredients because “The four seasons generate four different styles of food throughout the year." In addition to the respect received from fellow colleagues and food critics, Keller celebrates his passion by sharing with others through charitable work: he has created heart-healthy menus for the American Heart Association, fed the homeless and disadvantaged in Sarasota as well as Hurricane Katrina relief, and cooked for the Pentagon during rescue operations of 9/11.

Maria Florencia Arismendi Pereyra

Profesional en el Arte y Gestión Gastronómica

Soy un persona con sentido común, me siento a gusto trabajando con gente útil y prolija. Me gusta mucho mi profesión.

Ben Müller

Koch/ Küchenchef

Teamplayer, Teambuilder, Gastrokind, Fair, Loyal, gut erzogen, Überstunden? Was ist das? Planungsverständniss, Koch aus Leidenschaft

Robert Pęcherzwski

Execiutive chef BBQ House

CocineroBcn Jiménez

Cocinero /chef

Apasionado y responsable

Marianela Paola Mazi Fucili

Cocinero Profesional

Soy una persona creativa sobre todas las cosas, me gustan los desafíos, investigar, leer, e ir más allá de todo.

Luis Bolaños Bolaños

Responsabilidad y experiencia

Miloš Slepička

Hotel Resort Relax Dolní Vltavice

I like to learn something new

Артур Смирнов

кулинария творческая профессия

Всем привет я Арт живу и родился в городе Сочи моя профессия повар я люблю готовить и творить на кухне, но не люблю мыть посуду вот так и живем!!!! :)

Manfred Zilles


Ich bin Kreativ anders, Selbstbewusst, Witzig und ich scheue mich nicht davor neue Geschmacksrichtungen zu probieren und zu kombinieren

Mariusz Putek

Sous chef

Pozytywny zawsze chętny do współpracy i nauki. Długo uczyłem sie kuchni molekularnej kturą wplatam do swich dań na swej drodze kulinarnej spotkałem wiele ciekawych osobistości w ty samego chef Jean Bos kturego byłem zastępca przez 1,5 roku udało mi się ruwnież z przyjacielem otworzyć restauracje w tajland

Lloyd Roberts

Executive Chef

I’m a country boy, I grew up on a farm in Saint Mary Jamaica with my mother, father. In 1985, my parents when to America in search of a better life for our family. My grandmother taught me to eat and cook. It was there I fell in love with food—fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and all the different spices from my country. I love the warmth of our local Jamaican flavours that are in the street from all the different food vendors. Since my departure from Jamaica, I’ve lived, trained, and cooked all over New York City. I have live in New York City for over 18 years before I started to travel and work. I have work in some of the best restaurants in NYC, and learned so much from some superstar chefs and Restaurateur. Chef Nobu gave me the greatest opportunity to open two location of Nobu restaurant, Moscow, Budapest, because of this opportunity; I have worked in London, Moscow, and Budapest, Ukraine and Dubai Wherever I go, I always want to cook both globally and locally. My background in cooking started off with French and Asian cuisines. I started my career as a waiter then when to culinary school to study the art of cooking. My first trip into the real world of cooking was working for Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. That’s where my love for fusion cooking started, working for Chef Jean-Georges remains one of my most influential culinary experiences, and I’ve since adopted is cooking style and bold flavours to my cooking repertoire. Everything I cook has to have a flavour inside of it.

Олег Коробань

Повар русской кухни

Представитель сибирской гильдии шеф поваров в г.Москва опыт работы 12лет .участник интернет проэктов и кулинарных конкурсов регионального масштаба .популизатор донской русской кухни на постсоветском пространстве .основное направление: мангал вертел гриль . кулинарный редактор молодежного журнала "таёжная -озерная". веду блог в белорусском журнале "наша кухня" размещен на канале youtube рубрика. -как приготовить- Стажировался у Рустама Тангирова г.Санкт-Петербург _копченыйTRbar .знаком с европейской,турецкой,донской кухней . работа на шведском столе в холодном и горячем цехах.прошел курс обучения работы Русской печи в г.Казань 2017г.

Marcos O. Scorza

Executive Chef

I have experience in wide range of kitchens like high quality restaurants, hotels, places with big volumes, catering etc. Every kitchen requires some specific skills in organization and I learned to be effective and proactive in all of them. Inside the kitchen I always require structure, hygiene, effectiveness and creativity. Personal contact and attention to the client is a key outside the kitchen. I focus on the new nordic cuisine in all the places I have been working. But I try to use local ingredients for the menu at the same time.


Executive Chef

Am young Chef from Nigeria, with 15 years experience Both Local and International in the Culinary industry.who understand what the acronyms F.O.O.D means

Arrius Simone

Chef di cucina

Sono un ragazzo semplice mi piace la cucina e mi diverto e la cosa che mi da piu soddisfazione e quando i clienti sono contenti

Ibrahim Abdul Latif

Ibo Chefkoch der Patissier

90er Baujahr, Libanese, 168cm Groß mit einem RIESEN Herz für die Gastronomie.

Vuk Simic

Chef in Oslo , Norway

Professional Chef who is available to show his experience everywhere around the world !! :)

Nancy Hamel

1er chef de partie

Dynamique, souriante, pédagogue et amoureuse de son métier.

Thomas Paul

Certified Culinary Instructor

Sharing my experiences with other and help each other to grow. I'm a certified culinary instructor and share my knowledge in school and online. Learn all the fundamentals in culinary knife skills. Join me at Skillshare and get 2 month free.

Sergio Radeglia


Nato a Torre Santa Susanna (BR) nel '91. Esperienza in diverse città italiane, dalla gavetta a ruoli che comprendevano una maggiore abilità di gestione e responsabilità. 7 anni maturati nella ristorazione, gestione food cost, inventario, selezione personale, impostazione menù nel rispetto della stagionalità dei prodotti, studio approfondito sulle nuove tecniche di cotture (in particolare basse temperature), studio sui sapori e proprietà organolettiche, creazione di piatti all'avanguardia che consentano di soddisfare le moderne richieste.

Uwe Steiniger


Die Bewahrung der Ess- und Trinkkultur ist dabei mein Leitmotiv, darüber hinaus Qualitäts- und somit Ernährungsbewusstsein. Geschmackserziehung, Austausch-, Vernetzungs- sowie Integrationsmöglichkeiten liegen mir ebenfalls sehr am Herzen.

Josip Seke


I am a young Serbian cook, currently studying gastronomy at University of Novi Sad. I have one more year until graduation. For me gastronomy means science, foraging and art. I have seven years expirience of working in the kitchen. Last working expirience which left trace is in a fine dinning restaurant called New Balcan Cuisine in Belgrade. I am a member of Molecular Gastronomy of Novi Sad. At the moment I am working in a restaurant called Bistro La Mer in Novi Sad. My moto is ,,We are the revolution, we are part of the solution".

Luigi Sorrentino

Chef de Cuisine/Capocuoco

Mi chiamo Luigi Sorrentino, sono nato il 20/08/1982 a Torre Del Greco (NA), ho frequentato le scuole superiori all' IPSSAR RAFFAELE VIVIANI di Castellammare di Stabia, ottenendo il risultato di 79/100. Ho iniziato il mio percorso lavorativo sin da piccolo lavorando in varie strutture alberghiere di 4 e 5 stelle, come: HOTEL SAKURA, SHERATON DIANA MAJESTIC, PETRIOLO SPA RESORT, CHATEAU MONFORT, ecc.. Ho conosciuto e lavorato insieme a Chef e Direttori di prestigio che hanno segnato il mio cammino professionale; trasmettendomi emozioni, gioie e passioni per questo lavoro. La mia fonte d'ispirazione è rappresentata anche dalla mia famiglia; dalla nonna a mia madre che sapientemente preparavano delizie d'altri tempi con amore e dedizione, profumando la casa di cucinato. Questo amore mi accompagna da sempre nella ricerca quotidiana dell'eccellenza in cucina, affrontando le mie giornate lavorative con sorriso, grinta e fantasia.

Miroslav Říha


Chtěl bych vlastnit podnik a mít mnoho spokojených zákazníků, co se budou vracet. 2018 provozuji podnik restaurace Na Pekárně a dělám vše proto aby spokojení zákazníci přibývali

Andrey Kravchenko


I burn in Ukraine. Me and my family immigrated to Israel where i studded in culinary school for four years and work in restaurants for ten years. I worked in different kinds of restaurant as a cook line and as a sous-chef. Restaurants like, meat, Asian, garment (fine-dining), Italian and practice in amazonian style restaurant in south-America and more. Participate in San Pellegrino competition "Young Chef" twice (2015,2017). I travel south America and Italy for eight months to understand the local ingredients and different techniques. Studied in Italy Charcuterie making and Gilato making. Can send a CV by mail.

Umberto Massimo Gorizia

Küchenchef - Italian Chef

ich liebe, was ich mache

Luca Bottelli

Cuoco italiano

Sono un cuoco che è abituato lavorare con ordire e pulizia , pazienza e attenzione , insegnante e studente. Insomma non si finisce mai di imparare , come nella vita. mi piace leggere ricette e cercare di migliorare o esaltare i suoi sapori.

Frank Brinkmann

Gastronomische Beratung,Dienstleistung und Vermittlung

Mietkoch für alle Fälle , Deutschland weit

Pasquale Procida

Executive Italian chef

Amo questo lavoro ,ormai da circa 30 anni, non stancandomi mai.

Andreas Dehn


Kochen ist Leidenschaft

Knud Erik Larsen

Self employed KM Scandinavia.

I have been a waiter, cook,Chef, executive chef and self employed for 43 years, and I am still learning everyday, I have received 17 international medals and diplomas, I am currently Trainer and manager for The Cuban National team FACRC and Associacion Artistas Culinarios Juniors Bolivia, I work as a consultant for Restaurants, Hotels, and Companies, Guest Chef in restaurant and hotels, on food fairs and congress, I work for the most in Latin, south and North Amerika, but off cause also in Europe. I am single but I have 5 children 4 daughters and 1 son, and 7 grandchildren. If you like to see my CV just contact me on mail.

Ernesto Comite

Head Chef

Dal mio punto di vista fare lo chef non è un mestiere ma uno stile di vita. Amo cucinare ma sopratutto amo vedere i clienti soddisfatti e felici del cibo.

Andreas Leisinger

Kuechen Chef / Head Chef

Hard Working , passionate and very driven Head Chef 2 AA Rosettes