Albanian cuisine is very rich and assorted cuisine, we have the first qualitative stuff where Kosovo is traditionally Albanian, and Kosovo cuisine cannot say but some food in the area. Here we cook meat more than sea products .. river and lake fish prepares many recent times the trend of sea products has started very potent, Kosovo’s meals are sewed and meaty beans, spinach and egg rice. casorel with lamb etc.

I was born in Gjakova on the west side of Kosovo, my profession related to the kitchen I have the first foundation in my family, because my grandfather was a chef, then my dad continued years in a row from the VI class school primary I liked the kitchen and also where my father worked, I went after the athlete, and so step by step I began to understand the kitchen as a noble profession.

The traditional dishes of Kosovo are the Fli, milk of the rice and the lamb, but there are many others … and I have begun to refine and pass the modern techniques of many of our dishes because without traditional cuisine … kitchen has not basement.