Yazan Abu Ghazaleh is an In-flight Chef for Etihad Airways. You want to know what an In-flight Chef does? Read here!


Today you work as In-flight Chef for Etihad Airways, with lots of different chef experiences and work as consultant chef before? How did your chef career started/ why did you become a chef?

My chef career started from a young age while being in the kitchen watching my dad cooking Italian and my my mom arabic food, but I
decided to take this passion to higher level, so I went for hotel management high school that included a hotel training, and im proud to
say I was marked the 2nd in Jordan in this degree, and pursued my passion and joined the Royal academy of Culinary arts affiliated by les Roches Switzerland to build my culinary career from there. And after joining hotel brands such as four seasons, Hilton and marriot in Amman and Dubai, then was part of pre opening Marco Pierre whites restaurant In Dubai, and crowned winner of the Culinary competition “ Matloub Chef” on abu dhabi TV, then worked along the celebrity chef Silvena rowe in opening Omnia gourmet. After that I took my career to the skies with Etihad Airways as an inflight chef, and along with that I managed to start my private and consultancy business in the region.


Where does your fascination for cooking comes from?

Alot of my fascination comes from my travels around the world and my childhood food memories, as I believe in cooking I want to share stories and build a connection with the person who is indulging in it.


You got your Culinary Arts diploma from the Les Roches Bluche school in Switzerland. How did this Swiss culinary training still influences you today?

The Royal academy is the best in the region, and Les Roches is among the top in the world, that higher education shaped my skills and my refined my techniques until today, and made me believe that the skies are my limits.



At the begging of your chef career you worked in Amman, Jordan at the Four Seasons Hotel. What is your fascination at the Jordan kitchen?

I would say the local influence of the Jordanian palate into the international flavors, for instance I remember four seasons invented
“Sushi mansaf” which is taking the most famous Jordanian dish and add a Japanese twist to it, which was a big hit.


In Dubai you gained many different chef experiences such as with Hilton, Marriott… . After so many different experiences; how would you describe your own culinary style today?

After working in all those brands in a multi cultural environment and different cuisines, I would describe my style as a contemporary
mediterranean Cuisne with a travel influence.


You are driven by innovation and passion into creating modern Mediterranean cuisine influenced by your travel and heritage flavours. What are some of your dishes wish describes it best?

I would say my Tuna tataki fatouch as it has a Japanese and middle eastern influence to it.

My reimagined Lamb tagine with was al hangout carrot puree, prune jell and couscous puffs.

Taste of childhood : Haloumi cheese baklava with heirloom tomatoes, zattar, spiced tomato jam, black olive soil.


As Culinary consultant, what so you offer?

I help Restaurants and caffes start or develop their business which includes creating Menu items, Menu engineering, branding and


You have been the founder of Chef Stamps is a social media page that tells a journey of a Chef who travels the world. What is behind this concept?

As an inflight chef traveling the world, I wanted to share my passion to travel and my experience of tasting the world to the public by inspiring others to travel and stamp places to eat and discover.


You work for several years as In-flight Chef for Etihad Airways. What are the interesting parts of this job?

This job got a lot of interesting parts, but I would say

  • being able to manage your schedule as a chef with less hectic working ours as hotels and restaurants.
  • the Ability to travel and benefit from gathering ingredients from around the world
  • Being not only a chef on a plane but managing the entire hospitality experience for guests paying an average of 4 thousands dollars a flight.
  • being able to serve high profiles and celebrities such as the actress Sophia Louren and Sir Richard Branson.


As In-flight Chef; do you have any room for your own creativity?

Yes we have an option called Chef special where the chef can showcase his style by utilizing ingredients onboard, and also tailor a menu for the guests preference.



I am sure lots of other chefs are interested to work as In-flight Chef as well. Is it difficult to get a job as In-flight Chef?

This job is one of the hardest to get as a chef, as it requires not only culinary skills but most importantly a character and a heart for hospitality and great communication skills.


What are some of the less known spices you use at your cooking?

I use Ras al hanout which is the Moroccan spice mix that I believe got a lot flavor profile to enhance dishes.


What are some of your special cooking techniques?

I use dehydration and Sous vide alot as part of my techniques.


Can you share some of your latest creations with us?

Lavender labneh salad with roasted baby Beetroot, beet Chips and pistachios.


Any place in the world you would be interested to work as a chef one day?

I would say Europe in general, but perhaps Italy, spain, Norway, Netherland, Australia, Melbourne, Sydney.


Thank you Yazan!


How did you start your career as a chef?
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