Tokyo Sushi Academy(TSA) is Japan’s premier sushi school. It was also the first school opened with the sole purpose of teaching the art of sushi making. With the boom in the popularity of Japanese cuisine all around the world, We makes sure that the students are trained to properly prepare and serve authentic Japanese sushi.

Japanese language proficiency is not a requirement. The class is taught entirely in English, so prospective sushi chefs from all around the world are able to understand the lessons as long as they can understand English. This opens the door to many potential sushi chefs that may have never even dream of being able to learn authentic techniques from the masters.

■Where is the school?

We have school in Shinjuku (The central of Tokyo), Tsukiji (Nearby the world famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo), Osaka, and one more, in Singapore.

■Course Information

Our courses are good for those who wants to gain deeper knowledge of Authentic Way of sushi making and Japanese Cuisines.

Not only for professionals but beginners are also welcome to join the course to start the new career!

Why Sushi/Japanese Cuisine?

Why Tokyo/Tsukiji?

Why TSA?

For course content, schedule, prices, location and more, please see the URL below.

<1> 4weeks Sushi Course / 591,300JPY

<2> 5days Sashimi Course / 248,400JPY

<3> 5days Japanese Cuisine Course (Grill & Fry) / 194,400JPY

<4> 6weeks Total Course / 936,900JPY

■How class goes?

<1> You can check out our school life on youtube by simply clicking the above link;

<2> Tokyo Sushi Academy was introduced by Reuters/TRT world on youtube recently. I think this 3min TV program helps you to understand more about our school!

<3> We post photo of daily class on our facebook page.

■Our Graduates

We have more than 4,000 alumni and they found a new career in over 50 countries since TSA was established 2002. One of our graduate from Greece was named among the world’s 100 top chefs at the award ceremony of the first Chefs World Summit on November 2017.