Vipul Rana is a young and highly motivated Indian chef who works for Kempinski in Beijing, China. For Chef Vipul authenticity and simplicity in the preparation of the dishes are most important. One day he wants to start his own business or gain experience as a chef in Europe.


Vipul Rana – Chef’s Portrait


Chef Vipul, where does your passion for cooking come from?

My mother in the first place! She’s a really great cook. When I was a child, I saw my mother, who made all three meals for my family, and sometimes mom taught me some of her best dishes. From there I have developed my interest and my passion for cooking and still learn to cook from my mother.


Which culinary school did you attend?

Rig Institute of Hospitality and Management, Greater Noida, India.


What are your dreams? What do you want to achieve?

After having good experiences in the hospitality industry, I would like to open my own food business like catering or a food van.



As a Commis, you have worked for JW Marriott and Radisson in India. As a young chef, how do you think about modern Indian cuisine?

Having gained experience in the hospitality industry as an Indian chef, I feel like there is nothing like modern Indian cuisine. If you add modern in Indian or any other cuisine, you lose the authenticity of the food of every cuisine. For me as an Indian chef, I think Indian food has to be kept authentic and simple.


What is your culinary impression of Chinese cuisine as a young Indian chef in Beijing?

I must say, it was a fantastic experience having worked in Chinese kitchens. I learned a lot of things, like rolling Chinese dumpling sheets, different kinds of dumplings and so on.


How do you as a young chef use the internet to get information about cooking techniques, new recipes, etc.?

I use internet for knowing latest trends in culinary world. For me, it’s important to stay up to date.



There are thousands of cookbooks on the market. Which formats do you like most as a young chef?

I am always interested in the following books:
1. The Larousse
2. Chef Vikas Khanna.


There are many trends in the international food scene – such as regional, seasonal, fusion cooking. What trends interest you as a young chef?

I am always interested in regional and seasonal cooking scene. These are interesting and important topics, as it will be the kind of cuisine of the future. It affects not only my generation, but also the generation after me.


Unfortunately, fewer young people want to become cooks. You have made the right decision. What can or what must be done to make this job attractive again?

Being a cook is not an ordinary job. It has a lot to do with passion. If there is no passion, it will be difficult to generate the necessary interest and curiosity that it needs. You just have to fall in love with food and cooking or be passionate about cooking. Apart from that, you do not need anything.



How do you handle the often harsh criticism in a kitchen?

Criticism plays a very important role, if you want to grow in any “field”. But if you are passionate enough, you have not to worry about criticizing words.


Is there any place in the world you would like to work as a chef one day?



Thanks a lot, Chef Vipul!


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