Vincenzo Morreal – Head and Private Chef in London.

Today you are Head and Private Chef in London, with lots of experiences in this chef job. When did all start? What drove you to become a chef?

I started cooking with my mother’s guidance at the age six. Then I started my apprenticeship in my father’s restaurant in 1978, weekends only. The amazing food’s, the creativity, and the fabulous smell’s of the sweet ingredients. Just as important watching people enjoy eating my food.

Which cooking school did you visit?

Southgate Technical College.

Before you private chef career, you worked many years a s Executive Head chef of the “La Brasserie” in London, a famous Regional and Classical French Restaurant. Since your own routs are not French, how did you get familiar with the French kitchen?

French Classical Cuisine is a very important foundation, which the method can be applied to any cuisine. The philosophy of ‘L’ART DE LA CUISIENE MODERN’. The Great August Escoffier. Cooking is Art…

Can you still share some of your French dish master pieces out of this time?
Of course..! Anything, from the classic’s to the regional.

In 2011 you changed into the high class private chef business. What motivated you to this step?

Actually It was in 2009, with a break in 2011 at Beaufort House, just 6 month’s. The freedom to work for myself, and cook with passion for people who love food.

Over the years you worked for different wealthy families in London. What makes this job so special for a chef?

One has to become a Chef Taylor, to cook to specific guidelines and dietary requirement, which are different with between the families and businessmen I cooked for.

Did you miss sometimes the head of the kitchen and the team of chefs surrounding you?

Sometimes yes…! When you have a large brigade in a busy restaurant, you you work at a much faster pace and the pressures are different. To be proud that you have assembled a good team to cater for the customers, which at it’s busiest was up to 350 covers.

A chef at a restaurant and set a culinary line. Being a private chef; can you develop your chef skills in a same way, as you would to in a restaurant?

More so. One has the time to create new dishes because of the time available, and the work pace is slower most of the time.

Have some of your clients been interested to cook together with you?

Not really.. They liked to be served.

How would you describe your culinary line as chef today?

More evolved and refined. I have to have many skill’s honed and ready to apply when needed, from Italian to Japanese and everything in between. Remember my clients eat the finest foods around the world and I have to better it or at least match it.

Apart from the private family chef offer, you also act as private business chef. What do you offer in this sector?

I offer the same as I do for the private client, but also give the option of more serving staff and a more corporate setup.

Can you share some of your actual recipes with us?

Yes, just ask…!!

Any place in the world you would like to take a chef job in the future?

Asia, from China to the Maldives…