Attention! Vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians and all people who want to know this philosophy of life based on ethical principles and food sustainability. VeggieWorld, arrives for the first time to Madrid, this 13th and 14th of  April, in the Glass Pavilion of the Casa de Campo.


The first VeggieWorld organized in Spain was in Barcelona in 2017 and it was very successful with the attendance of 5000 visitors. In Madrid, it is expected to exceed this figure.


In this fair of Madrid you can visit the 80 stands of food products of vegetable origin, fashion and cosmetics. And keep up to date with the latest veggies trends. In the visit, do not forget to look for the Beyond Burger, the surprise of the event, a hamburger made from plants that look, cooks and tastes like if it were made with beef.


There will also be activities, cooking shows, conferences and many restaurants with a wide variety of 100% vegetable food.


All Credit VeggieWorld 2017 & 2018


Cristiana Rodrigo, spokesperson for ProVeg, an organization for food awareness and promoter of the festival, says that Madrid is one of the capitals of veganism, and there are at least 260 veg-friendly establishments.


Also, the study of Lantern consultant, assures that in Spain there are about 3.6 million people (7.8% of the total) who have an exclusive diet or most, in plant products (6.3% flexitarians, 1.3% vegetarians and 0.2 vegans). It is a growing trend, and nowadays, any modern restaurant has vegetarian dishes in its menu.


VeggieWorld is a fair that started in 2011 in Germany, and due to its good reception, has been growing in several cities in Europe such as Paris, Zurich, Brussels, Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​and now, Madrid. Last year, It has already registered nine countries from around the world that have organized this event. This year, Italy, China and Hong Kong are joining.