Mango chia pudding is the easiest, most delicious and at the same time very healthy recipe that can exist. Chia seeds have a high-fiber content, so they have that satiating effect, and some people use it to lose weight, but the highlight is that it is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, it also became a trendy ingredient.


The seeds are hard, so they must be soaked from a day before, and when they soften they become gelatinous balls that remind of the tapioca pearls. Besides, they release the mucilage, a kind of slime that contains this food.


To do this, we put a tablespoon of chia in 1/3 cup of almond drink, coconut or the one you like, and a spoonful of honey.


On the other hand, we use mango. We cut it into pieces and put them in the blender. The idea is make a puree but if you like a more liquid consistency, add a little water. Do not forget, keep some mango pieces for the final decoration.


And It’s that quick, we start to serve it.


In a few glass jars or wine glasses, we put two tablespoons of the soaked chia, and then pour the mango puree over it.



Finally, to finish, we put the mango pieces that we kept at the beginning, to decorate. And for a touch of color, a few leaves of mint, will be fantastic.


This restorative recipe is designed for two glasses, is 100% vegetable, and can be consumed as breakfast or dessert. In many vegan restaurants you can already find some pudding with other fruits on the menu. When you try it, and because of its simplicity, you will want to repeat it at home.