US TV chef and TV chef producer David Carmine. Read our interview.


Today you are Creator, host, producer at “24 hr Chef” TV Show in the US. Was it a planned career?

“24 Hour Chef” was not my initial career, I’ve spent my adult life mainly in Culinary and Television. I used to host a cooking show that was in 4 TV markets across the USA. When that show ended i wanted to continue to combine my love of the two worlds, but, i wanted to do a show with a human interest twist. “24 Hour Chef” follows a persons story and discovers how food plays a rule in their journey.


You worked several years at the broadcasting and TV business. What drove you to become a chef and work as chef?

I’ve worked in restaurants for many years, its where i always seemed to find myself back in. So at a certain point i took it serious and started trying to perfect my craft. I’m always looking to learn and improve in the field.


Which cooking school did you visit at the beginning of your chef career?

I never attended school for cooking, I was lucky to have incredible mentors during the growth of my career, as well as holding myself to learning the proper techniques of the business.



You are known for “putting fancy spin on everyday food”: Do you have some examples for us?

I’m not a traditionalist, i look at things as a blank canvas. Just because something isn’t Traditionally done or used doesn’t mean it wont work or taste good. It is 2018 you can get Avocados in Italy.


Working as TV chef and producer; what is the secrete of being successful in this business?

It’s the same as any industry, Hard work, dedication, perseverance, integrity, and knowing the only way to the top is to keep heading in that direction no matter what lays in the way.


Today there are so many chef formats at the TV. Which new chef formats you see/ will up come in the future?

It’s all about connecting with the audience, the audience has to like you, if they don’t your content doesn’t matter. this is a struggle at times.


YouTube… is competing with the TV on chef presentations/ shows: How do you see the interenet as chanle for young chefs to promote themselves with kind of cooking shows?

It goes back to the last question, its all about connecting with an audience. Viewers of online outlets tend to have a shorter attention span, there is so much content to skip through, so you have to grab them early and keep their attention moving forward.


The relation between chefs and local producers of food become more and more important. Which trends do you see in this topic?

Its a return to an older time. Its enjoyable to see, however, what it will take is a greater understanding from the public to truly be a success. We in the USA especially have grown to getting what we want when we want it. spoiled. we would have to return to regional eating and only whats available seasonally. I’m not sure we will ever see that happen with how large the food industry has grown.


What are the new trends at the US kitchen/ chef scene?

I see a lot of home cooking, and Meat. Also trends in specific styles of diet.


If you could choose a country in the world to take a chef job for some time, where would it be?

Japan, not only do i love the cuisine, but also, There are techniques that are very different to western ways of cooking. I always love learning new things and ways of looking at stuff.


Thank you for your time, David!