by Susanne Voigt

Delivery services like foodora, Deliveroo and UberEATS have shown us how it’s done: A restaurant doesn’t need its own, in-house delivery system in order to supply customers at home. And it’s not just the usual pizza or sushi that people are ordering from the comfort of their sofa before spending the evening watching Netflix. In fact, more and more people expect food to not just fill them up, but also provide a special experience in their own home. Sophistication is now at the top of the menu for many home diners. And the new delivery services can even bring food from your favourite restaurant right to your doorstep.


Especially in larger cities, this can be a valuable means of attracting and retaining new guests for your restaurant. The possibility of having everything delivered – anywhere, and at any time – is a change in our lifestyle that has still yet to reach its full potential. And now virtually any wannabe chef can take advantage of this – even if they don’t (yet) have a restaurant of their own:
If you want to work for yourself as a personal chef or in catering, you need a suitable kitchen and the right equipment in order to cook using every trick in the book. Financially, of course, it wouldn’t make sense for every cook who is just starting out as a freelancer to invest in his or her own kitchen infrastructure. But that’s where the catering market has a wonderful solution for them: Nowadays, it’s possible to share not just offices, but even kitchens: Co-working kitchens are a great way to share resources with other chefs and develop your own concept further. They let you work in a professional kitchen whatever the occasion or event.


Whether you want to broaden your professional culinary skills for catering at events and family celebrations, supply businesses from your catering kitchen as a lunch chef, or perhaps even run your own online restaurant:

In a co-working kitchen, you’re your own boss.

A co-working kitchen lets you assemble your menus according to your own skills and tastes and to cook food affordably. And what’s more, delivery services can bring your creations directly to the customer. So your restaurant doesn’t even need to have a seating area for guests! The gastronomy start-up Bongour, for example, aims to offer a comprehensive service in this field: a rented kitchen, delivery logistics and marketing.
So with the help of co-working catering kitchens and delivery services, you can now pursue your own culinary concept on a shoestring, helping you to get your foot on the ladder as a self-employed chef.