“In order to create authentic cuisine, it is crucial to have a profound knowledge of authentic flavors”.

This philosophy stands at the very heart of culinary education at the TSUJI Culinary Institute Group. We believe without this “knowledge” of the flavors of delicious cuisine, you cannot recreate those flavors to standards of perfection, even after learning all the necessary skills. The TSUJI Culinary Institute Group therefore obtains and uses the finest ingredients not only from Japan but from throughout the world. Additionally, the institute teachers are professional chefs of a high standard of excellence who have been trained at the very “home” of their own individual culinary cultures and are thus representative masters of food cultures throughout the world.

As a result of 58 years of highly advanced education, the TSUJI Culinary Institute Group has produced many world-class chefs and patissiers of the first rank.

The TSUJI Culinary Institute group, Leader in Culinary Education & Contributor to the Development of Gastronomic Culture in Japan

  1. Largest Culinary Institute in Japan ~ Pre-eminent even on a world scale, the TSUJI Culinary Institute Group is Japan’s largest culinary educator.

Since its foundation in April 1960, the TSUJI Culinary Institute Group has steadily expanded the range of subjects it teaches based on its educational philosophy “Ever seeking authenticity.” Some things can be studied nowhere else but at Japan’s largest culinary and patisserie institute.

  1. Faculty ~ Our faculty made up of 350 experts: all-professional-level chefs and teachers

Approximately 350 instructors teach culinary skills to students at the TSUJI Culinary Institute Group. Each instructor has a vast amount of training experience acquired at hotels, restaurants, and patisseries not only in Japan but in the world. Since all teachers are full-time, they are able to provide reliable support to students, such as separate after-school practice sessions, in order to help students with any particular challenges they may be experiencing in mastering culinary skills.

  1. Graduates ~ 140,000 people have graduated from the TSUJI Culinary Institute Group. More than 2,800 are now owner-chefs of restaurants bakeries, etc.

The ability of TSUJI Culinary Institute Group graduates is recognized, and graduates are active in Japan and throughout the world. Among them are more than 2,800 owner-chefs of restaurants, bakeries, etc., who have established their own unique approach to food. Our graduates continue to take up challenges in the culinary and patisserie worlds.

  1. Foreign Students ~ Each year about 200 students from around the world come to study at the TSUJI Culinary Institute Group.

More than 200 foreign students who demand the highest culinary education study at the TSUJI Culinary Institute Group annually. TSUJI provides an environment in which students can achieve their dreams, such as by taking part in competitions. In addition, there are an increasing number of graduates who have obtained the profession of their dreams in the world of gastronomy and who have become owner-chefs.

Foreign students come from nations including Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc., and the schools foreign students can enroll are as follows:

  1. TSUJI Culinary Institute

Advanced Culinary Arts and Management Course (three-year program)

Culinary Arts and Management Course (two-year program)

Regular Course (one-year program)

  1. TSUJI Institute of Patisserie

Confectionery Arts and Management Course (two-year program)

Regular Course (one-year program)

Please visit our website for details : http://www.TSUJI.ac.jp/en/

※ Both of the above two institutes are situated in Osaka, Japan.

  1. Media Appearances ~ Playing parts in TV shows and drama series

Teachers of the TSUJI Culinary Institute Group display their skills as professional chefs and take part in the making of countless cooking programs. They cooperate with the media in other ways as well, creating the food and desserts featured in TV dramas and providing instruction     to actors performing the roles of chef and patissier.

  1. Publication ~ Over 750 books published

We have published over 750 books covering a wide variety of subjects, from textbooks for culinary professionals to simply-written ’how-to’ books on cookery and baking for amateurs, together with culinary dictionaries and essays on cuisine. Our publication list includes “Japanese Cooking”, which became a best-seller in the United States. As a result, we are trusted by professionals who work in the food industry.

  1. Ecole Hôtelière TSUJI in France

After studying at TSUJI Culinary Institute or TSUJI Institute of Patisserie in Osaka, foreign students have an opportunity to continue their education at our boarding schools in France – using authentic French ingredients and learning the very essence of French cuisine and desserts from leading local chefs. We have renovated old chateaux near Lyon, one of the finest gastronomic capitals of Europe, and over the past 38 years since the school’s establishment, some 7,000 students have graduated from the school. Following the student’s competition of the main course, the school then offers a five-month in-house vocational training period in cooperation with restaurants and patisseries throughout France. As the school is not just an affiliate institution, but a key part of the TSUJI Culinary Institute Group, teachers from the main school are present as full-time staff to ensure the students receive the best of care. The school also plays an important information-collecting role as the TSUJI Culinary Institute Group’s hub in the Western-Hemisphere.