Top Thai chefs create interactive online dinner series for lockdown


World-famous chefs in Bangkok have teamed up with chefs, musicians and DJs around the world to offer innovative fine dining evenings at home for Bangkok residents during the Covid-19 lockdown. The dining series, called Fruitfull, takes place on Fridays, and involves multi-course meals curated by renowned chefs being delivered to diners’ homes in zero-waste reusable packaging. Diners then log in to an interactive live streaming session hosted by the chefs while they enjoy their meal.


The first edition of Fruitfull, Re-eating Thai food with bo.lan, took place on 24 May and was a seven-course, progressive Thai menu by Duangporn “Bo” Songvisava and Dylan Jones of one Michelin-starred bo.lan, who were featured in an episode of Netflix’s Chef’s Table. Bo and Dylan did live cooking demos exploring community-supported agriculture and answered diners’ questions, while DJ Maft Sai played a live session.

On 8 May, party hampers designed by Garima Arora from Bangkok favourite and No. 16 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants List, Gaa, along with Jeremy Chan of one Michelin-starred West-African restaurant Ikoyi in London, and Kristian Baumann of Restaurant 108 in Copenhagen, were delivered to guests. The event, called Couch party with Gaa, also included music performances by Nick Luscombe and Suitman Jungle, along with a live online cooking jam.


The event on 15 May, called Old, Local and Foreign with Prin Polsuk and Cho Hee-sook, is a nine-course exploration of Thai and Korean flavours, by chefs Cho Hee-sook of Hansikgonggan in Seoul (Asia’s Best Female Chef 2020) and Prin Polsuk of Samrub for Thai in Bangkok. The dinner and chef interaction will be backed by a soundtrack of soundtrack of vintage Korean records.


A further event, Fruitfull’s fourth, is slated to be an evening of Japanese bento boxes delivered by Chef Yusuke Takada from two Michelin-starred La Cime in Osaka, but details are still to be confirmed.


The dining series is designed by event organiser Scratch First, the creative team behind Thailand’s much-loved annual arts, music and lifestyle festival called Wonderfruit, in collaboration with food writer and influencer Perm Paitayawat.


The evenings have been designed to make shared online dining as stimulating as an evening out with friends, with the music, kitchen confessions, cooking demos and discussions on such topics as community-supported agriculture aiming to keeping conversation flowing and allowing participants to make connections with other people.

The Fruitfull team describe the event as a “storytelling platform for food, culture, society, and the planet. A chance to think, feel, and engage beyond the plate. A mindful connection to meals. Fruitfull uses creativity to focus on sustainable ecology and social interaction. From planet to plate, we offer experimental opportunities to dig deeper on food, the people who make it, and how it is created.”


Tickets for the event range in price from Thai Baht 3,000 to THB3,900 for 2 (US$80-US$120). Proceeds from all reservations include donations to local causes that feed and support their community.


Tickets and menus are available at