What will we eat in 2019? The trend aims to take care of our health with sustainable products and to live in harmony with the environment. Below is a list of the 8 Top gastronomic trends for 2019.


Natural sweeteners. Master confectioners are aware of the abuse of sugar and are reducing the amounts or replacing them with natural sweeteners without changing the taste of a good dessert. Last year people were talking about coconut sugar and stevia, now they talk about beet, pumpkin or monk fruit, a Chinese melon, made powder to sweeten.

Zero kilometer food. Each time we are more familiar to these terms both in the market and in the supermarket and we are asking the market seller “I want those apples of Girona.” The Zero kilometer food products allows you to enjoy fresh food and a greater awareness of support for the region where you live.

Trash cooking. It is a technique that is based on the preparation of new recipes with the waste of other foods, you can use the skin of the vegetables, the citrus peels, fish and meats bones to prepare substantial broths.

Real food. It is the new trend of “real food” that invites you to avoid buying ultra-processed food, that is less supermarket and more market. How about next time, some fresh shrimp? Or a tender lettuce?

Vegan fast food. Large and small surfaces already have in their menu something vegan, sausages, vegan burgers, poké bowls, crudités. International restaurants are adapting many of their dishes to the “green”. It is a trend that grows with increasing intensity.

Fermented drinks. Fermented drinks are triumphing this year. Like water kefir, a probiotic drink that promises to strengthen our immune system and improve digestion.

And the kombucha, a fermented soda of acid flavor with sparkles of natural effect that reminds a bit of cider. It is indicated to lose weight or for the digestive system.

Beers with coffee. We are talking about two of the best drinks in the world. With coffee, we woke up and with beer, we enjoyed a good time. What happens if we put them together? Surely someone thought this when decided to add a few grains of coffee during the fermentation process of the beer to produce “beer with coffee”. Some brands that we can find in the specialized market are: Samuel Adams, Costa Rica or Sekinoichi.

Compostable packaging. Plastic is the number 1 enemy of the planet at this time, caused by the excessive use of plastics in the industry. Therefore, the attention of companies is moving to the field of biodegradable packaging, eco-containers, cups made of corn, bamboo straws, paper bags, among others.

What do you think of this year’s gastro trends? Do you dare to try them?