The gastronomy of Buenos Aires is in the eyes of the world. Not only tourists travel to see the capital as a destination but they also come to eat for the new openings of restaurants in Buenos Aires.


In this tour palates will enjoy the Jewish flavors, Latin American cuisine, food with local and seasonal products. Of course, in the country of great beef tradition, we will find barbecue but taken to the next level, and classics like the gourmet choripan, and much more.


Note them down on your restaurant list and let the route begin!




One of the restaurants that is giving people plenty to talk about is Mishiguene, they are in the 18th position of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America 2018. Next, you will find out why.

It is the only proposal of Jewish haute cuisine of the capital. The name of the restaurant comes from an affectionate Hebrew term, which means that a person is charmingly crazy, and that’s the way they define their cuisine.Jewish immigration has put down roots in cuisine and has mixed local with their ancestral knowledge. These are dishes or ingredients from around the world such as Russian-Polish beet stew to the Moroccan lambs or the fried artichokes from Rome to the Jachnun of Yemen and many more flavors to discover.


Address: Lafinur 3368, Palermo



I Latina

In charge of chef Santiago Macías since 2008. This restaurant serves Latin American cuisine from Mexico to Patagonia with its tasting menu in seven steps.

As an appetiser, we start with an “Ode al maíz” composed of arepa, buñuelos, empanada; in the first step he proposes a “aguachile with pineapple on embers and beet with salt and fermented turnip”, and ends with a coffee ceremony with a Yumai Estrella Dorada from Colombia. Chosen by the users themselves, among the top 25 best fine dining restaurants worldwide in the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2018 list.

Address: Murillo 725, Villa Crespo



Niño gordo

Since it opened its doors Niño gordo, has been a success in the city. If you want to try a different gastronomic experience, this is your place. The decoration is strident. A red light illuminates the entire dining room with Chinese lamps hanging all over the ceiling, and in another environment there is a long bar that has Japanese dolls as Goku, master Muten Roshi, the cat of luck, the cat robot or Doraemon and behind it, the stoves. The cuisine is Asian: Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai with a nod to local food, that is, we will taste dishes like Milanese with wasabi or sweetbreads with Korean sauce. The idea is to ask for portions and don’t forget to try their singular cocktails, served in glasses with shapes of kawaii characters or other animals.

Address: Thames 1810, Palermo




Chori’s name comes from choripán, the Argentine street snack par excellence, that of its classic version, becomes a gourmet dish. In this place, we can choose between 6 types of sausage with different ingredients and high quality sauces. The most famous are the “Colorado Picante”, made up of bell pepper, onion, ginger, tomato and “Regional de cordero”, with onion, yogurt, mint and sweet potato. There is a veggie option, too. This wonderful choripán, you can get it in any of the three addresses that I mention below.


Thames 1653,  Palermo

Arco del Rosedal 7, Av. del Libertador 388, Palermo

Dorrego 1681, Colegiales




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