Tjitze van der Dam – Executive sous-chef bij QO Amsterdam. Read his story here.


When did your heart tell you to become a chef?

When I was 12 years old and working in my grandfathers bakery. I loved the smell of the fresh bread. I realized that working with food was my passion.



How would you describe your current specialization as a chef?

I Love the Dutch Cuisine and the local products we have here. A lot of local entrepreneurs make very high quality products.


What are the latest trends in Dutch cuisine?

We use a lot of products from own grown ground. We grow a lot of vegetables in the “Westland”, great fish from the north sea and savage from the “Veluwe”. Next to that we have a lot of entrepreneurs who love to make local products. We use products more recognizable then before, a trend I really love.


Being regional and seasonal is almost a must in good restaurants today. What will be the next big topics?

Recognizable products, less products on the plate but better products. Products more in their pure form. Also the quality of the products will be better and better. The standards are becoming more higher.


Your current project CHEFS REPORT: What is behind it?

We do a live cooking masterclass in the chefs kitchen. People can watch the program live on internet, ask questions and have interaction with the chef and me. The chef does not have to leave his own kitchen, and there is no limit on followers. The first editions where a big succes, there where some schools who had the live program in their classes.


If you would open your own restaurant, where would it be and with which specialisation?

I love Amsterdam, so we will see. Also there is a big enthusiasm of the Dutch Cuisine, so that would be my preference. We will see what the future brings.


Thank you, Tjitze!