This April 8th, the Basque Culinary Center holds a very interesting forum to connect gastronomy, technology and innovation.


The event has the collaboration of Telefónica and a multidisciplinary expert panel from several countries, who will share their vision on the future challenges in their respective fields.


In addition, it will be a place to analyze possible synergies and the potential points for intersection between these areas and gastronomy. Joxe Mari Aizega, BCC CEO, and Gonzalo Martín Villa, Telefónica CEO, will also participate with the speakers.


The meeting has Marine Mandrila and Louis Martin, from Refugee Food Festival, which was born three years ago as a project to improve the reception of refugees through the kitchen and support their integration into society.



Also, Judith Amores, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a researcher at the MIT Media Lab and has developed the first olfactory computational necklace called Essence.


According to BCC, “it is based on the fact that positive and negative emotions are not only transferred through vision and hearing, but also through smell.”


There will also be Yasaman Sheri, a professor at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and an industrial designer, whose vision is based on the redesign of the senses (taste, smell or touch), and for this she explores new technologies to design a sensorial future. Furthermore, she participates in several projects in which develops textiles, sculptures and works of art, from ferments and gastronomic ingredients.


Likewise, Michael Raspuzzi participates, belonging to the Harvard Innovation Lab and founder of Culinary Labs, the first platform for nutrition and customized flavors. He focuses on computational cooking, which uses algorithms to give the kitchen “super powers” through data and molecular analysis, and can create a personalized experience of flavors and nutrition.


Free registration and full program