“The London Coffee Festival” is the largest and most anticipated event for coffee fans in Europe.


This was the ninth edition of a festival which is growing every year, from March 28 to 31, and was attended by some 30,000 coffee lovers.


In total there were about 250 exhibitors, young companies and pioneers in the coffee sector.


Among the different events, there were tastings, talks or workshops, and the best baristas were ‘latteando’ beautiful rosettes on coffee in the “Latte Art Live”, and entertained by DJ’s music.


In fact, whether you are a beginner or at an advance level It does not matter, all you need is to like coffee. For example, you can taste at the different stands: coffees with mindfulness, coffee in cocktails, see the latest market technology in coffee instruments, book a class to learn how to prepare a perfect espresso with skills of a barista, and if you want a deeper coffee knowledge, attend talks.


This year, for example, they talked about topics that are of global conjuncture, such as the use of plastics and sustainable packaging to drink coffee, the Brexit and how it will affect the coffee industry. In addition, another issue on the agenda has been about the challenges and opportunities that women face in coffee world.



Also, the renowned chef Ferran Adrià attended to talk about his Sapiens methodology and how it was used in the book “Coffee Sapiens”, by Lavazza and the elBulli Foundation.


Another of the popular contests that there is a lot of talk about is the “Coffee Masters”, a competition that has been taking place for the fifth time, where the 20 best baristas in the United Kingdom put their skills and creativity to the test.


The coffee scene in London is a true center of innovation that continues to develop, says Jeffrey Young, founder of The London Coffee Festival. He is especially pleased that this year has been very positive for the growth of the coffee sector, with new festivals open around the world, the most recent in Los Angeles.


Until next year, “The London Coffee Festival.”